The Morning After The Breaking.

The Morning After The Breaking.

A while ago I posted a piece here titled ‘the BREAKING’, well, this is a rejoinder to that. Please read and leave your comments afterward.

When Brian came back home from school and found Cindy sprawled up in bed, in her room by 1pm, he knew something was wrong. She had tears in her eyes still. She didn’t make any sound, but the tears rolled down her cheeks freely. He stopped at the door of her room and couldn’t go any further. He called her name, “Cindy”. He noticed how startled she was to hear the door open and see him walk into the room. He noticed how she clutched her legs to her chest and closed her eyes so firmly, even with tears still in them. A stream of agony, fear and hatred had formed deep inside her, from where the tears flowed freely.

As he made to get close to her, she began to sob, muttering words he couldn’t make out. He listened closer and then he heard the words she was mumbling, “Please don’t hurt me again. Please don’t hurt me again.” He was assured that something was amiss. He moved closer to her. She screamed when he touched her. He was startled by her scream. He jumped off the bed immediately and stood at a distance, observing her. Her breathing was rapid and loud, and her eyes were still shut.

He stood there a few moments longer, with his gaze fixed at her. It seemed like he was examining her, trying to get answers she wouldn’t give, by just looking at her and around the room she was in. He searched but found nothing when he looked round the room and at her. She had cleaned the room early that morning, taking away the blood stained bed sheet and burnt it along with her torn night wear that was stained as well. She had been trying to clean her heart and soul all night and all day long, but it didn’t seem to be working. Brian was confused.

He couldn’t go to their father, George, to find out what had happened for two reasons. One, they hardly ever spoke to each other anymore, and two, he wasn’t even home at the moment. George had left the house the morning after he raped his daughter and hadn’t returned home yet. Brian thought it unusual for their father to be away by that time of the day. He would usually stay home all day, when everyone was away and then go out in the evening before his wife, Claire got back from work. She taught ‘Home Economics’ at a private secondary school that was an hour journey away from where they lived. She had taken permission from the school principal to be away for a week, she had to go visit her sick father in the village.

Brian deduced from Cindy’s mumblings and their father’s absence that George was responsible for whatever was wrong with Cindy. He called their mother on the phone and explained things to her. Claire got really worried and asked to speak with Cindy, who still had tears rolling down her face from her eyes. The pain was too much to be described in words, and so she shed tears, hoping that each drop would take away a bit of her pain.
It didn’t.
It seemed to even hurt the more. Brian put the call on loudspeaker and placed the phone very close to Cindy. “Cindy”, said the voice from the other end of the call.
The voice had a familiar grief that Cindy recognised. She raised her head a bit and turned towards the phone. “Cindy my baby, what’s the matter?” Cindy opened her eyes and looked at the phone beside her. She tasted her salty tears as she picked up the phone and spoke into it very softly. “Mum, is that you?”
“O, Cindy my child, what happened to you?” Claire was crying now, sniffling and heaving. “Cindy, what is the problem?” she asked again.
“Mummy, I am scared.” Cindy replied. The tears weren’t rolling down anymore; they just hung loosely in her eyes. “Don’t be afraid my baby, mummy won’t let anything happen to you. You know I love you very much, tell me what happened.”
“It hurts a lot mum. It’s very painful.”
“Cindy, was it your father, did he hurt you?” Claire asked, exposing a deep sense of suspicion, almost like she was certain. Cindy screamed at this point; Brian tried to calm her down but she screamed the more. He took the phone and left the room. He spoke with their mum a few more minutes and then he hung up. Claire was coming home the next day.

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  1. @scopeman60, now that you have added to the BREAKING, a good addition too…i hope you know this cannot end here..
    well done

  2. @Admin, there seems to be a small problem here o. How come this piece was published on the 18th of January, 2011? I’m just seeing it as a published post for the first time.

  3. @scopeman, i am laughing like OBJ

    1. @xikay, why are u laughing???

  4. Any hope for a part 3.

    Very interesting. How come both wife and son immediately suspect daddy? Had he previously given them reason to?

    1. NS peeps can like Parts sha, lol. You’ll just have to wait to buy the novel when it’s out.

      When u leave a man who is quite ‘unhinged’ in the house with a ripe 16 year old girl, and u come back and find that she was raped, who wud come to ur mind as the animal who did it???

      I’m glad u liked it though.

  5. @scopeman60 i am laffing because you no know when your wife born and the pikin dey do baffday.

  6. …Nice piece. I like the flow of the story.

  7. Would really love to see how this story goes. This part just tickled my fancy.

    Well done !!!

    1. Thanks Lawal, glad you liked it!

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