sunset obscured by rain clouds
moon and stars conceal’d by same
frogs and crickets make a symphony
TV and laughter cause a cacophony

streetlights and twinkling bugs
lightning and neon bulbs

lights in the clouds
life is all around
fragrance and odour in the air
emotions everywhere

Human beings outdoors, behind walls
animals in the earth, in trees tall.
thoughts and voices
a myriad of choices
chastisement and commendations
spiritual and material inspirations
soul searching, heart enlarging
fantasies unfolding, solitude barging

my lonesome-ness pulls me apart
reality puts me back together.
what did i do in a world so full
to deserve beautiful solitude.

10 thoughts on “Solitude” by neo-lite (@markwealth)

  1. HMMMMNN! very delicious to my voracious mind… i love this….SOLITUDE(LONELINESS!!!) in the midst of so much activity

  2. hmmmmmm! Good Lord knows that i feel like this sometimes! It’s like walking in a crowd of people and still feeling all alone in the world.It’s really amazing that in the midst of noise both born of nature and of man,loneliness is one plague that seeps in undetected….I lurve this poem! Beautiful! Great Rhythm too…keep it up Neo-lite!

  3. @estrella, it happened to me thousands of times, worst was on FEb14, 2004… had to write a poem about it…
    @neo….U DID GOOD!

  4. Like 3 Doors Down sang, a crowded street can be a quiet place, when U’re walking alone…
    I like this. Nice. Really captures the mood…

  5. Good one. Good point. Well, February 14th? A lot of girls are lonely that day in most universities. So check there if it happens again this year. Really enjoyed reading.

  6. Na there you go fear now!! Solitude in the middle of eberything you have described? No be small thing o!

    Loved this to the bone.I think every man has to define what happiness means to him and try to pursue it along the lines of his definition.

    Well done!!!

  7. @neo-lite, I guess we were all born too late, to a world that doesn’t care.

  8. @jaywriter, i think you will have to supply their phone numbers and addresses lol.

  9. by the way, its not just about the girls, its about what @scopeman60 calls: “a world that doesn’t care’

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