Main Character Worksheet

Main Character Worksheet

This is an excellent resource from Jody Hedlund – Author




Body type:


Texture (i.e. of hands, skin, etc.):

Clothing style/frequently worn clothes:

Eye color (list synonyms):

Hair color and style (list synonyms):

Other distinguishing physical traits (2 or 3 unique tags, specific to only that character):

Action tags (i.e.scratching head, nail biting, etc.):

Verbal tags (i.e. “My, my,” “Huh?” etc.) (also list speaking style: talkative, soft-spoken, loud, formal, accent, fast,etc.):

Characteristic tags (i.e. timidity, drunkenness, arrogance, etc.):

Physical imperfections or something would most like to change:

Race/Ethnic group:


Years of schooling:

Any special occupational training:


Past Occupations:

Skills, Abilities, and Talents:

Personality Type (Include Archetype):

Admirable personality traits (strengths):

Negative personality traits (weaknesses):

Quirks or eccentricities (off beat manner of behavior, dress, or speech that is peculiar to a person and distinguishes them from others):

Things that make angry:
Method of handling anger:

Things that embarrass:
Method of handling embarrassment:

Method of handling fear:

Bad habits or vices:


Pet peeves or gripes:

Sense of Humor:

Philosophy of Life:

Physical illness or affliction:


Favorite Foods:

Favorite Books:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Place:

Item(s) special to character:

Person/friend close to character:

Description of home, home life, and economic status:

Brief family history:

Most painful experiences in character’s past (to prove why they act the way they do):

Character’s goals (What they want)(Their biggest dream):

Character’s motivation (Why they want the above goal):

Character’s conflict (What is keeping them from their goal):

Summarize character’s Fatal Flaw (the main problem to work through):

18 thoughts on “Main Character Worksheet” by Myne (@Myne)

  1. This is very detailed. Had learnt something like that way back in school but not that detailed. Think with this, it’s hard not to know your character very well. Will apply them in future characterisations. But will add specific sections on the character’s thoughts and activities on love and sex. Think that’s important for me when dealing with grown-up characters. Great job. Keep it up.

    1. Those are great additions, especially when writing about relationships. Thanks for that reminder

  2. Fred Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Like this. Helps keep thing in perspective.

  3. this looks like a life report card, will try it

    1. ahahaha!!!

  4. read something like this on the writer’s magazine. it’s a good way to know your main character inside – out.

  5. Sometimes we tend to neglect some of the listed items while writing.. Sometimes these listed items are plastered on our minds as we write.. The importance of these listed items is that it makes us more conscious of our characters.. and may let the characters live a life of their own… may lead to the writer’s minimal control of the characters..

    1. Indeed, I have been guilty of not fully outlining a character, and then getting stuck halfway through. An initial characterization would have helped in such a situation.

  6. Characterization can be the hardest thing to do when writing.A good character makes the difference between a bestseller and a really crappy book. I’m not in the habit of outlining before i write but i think if i tried it my writing will get better..thanks Myne!

  7. Thanks everyone, please feel free to share any difficulties for further discussion if necessary.

  8. This is pretty detailed. I’ve come across something like this in the past.

  9. very insightful. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Ît’$ ñøt éà$ý tø pût åll thät în wrítìñg.

  11. Unfortunately, I don’t know why I hit a stonewall every time I try to write fictional prose. I dream it in my head, but hardly find it easy putting it down the way I have it in my head….who can help?

    1. maybe you don’t have to put it down exactly how it happened in your head @shaifamily, cos that might put pressure on you to make it as perfect as what you imagined. What I do when I find it hard to write is, I say Gboyega, just write, doesn’t matter if its junk, write it…and you know sometimes, what you think is junk is hardly junk at all. And also, I think you just have to free yourself and let the story come as it likes. When you’re writing it, the thing you’re putting down might end up being completely diff from what you saw in your head, but that always mean its not a good story…anyway, I don over talk. Just refuse to be under any pressure in short…

      oh and @Myne, this is a great tool! I have something like this but like others have said, it’s not this detailed. Thanks a lot. Saving this.

      1. oooh…error… ‘that DOESN’T always mean it’s not a good story…’

  12. @MYNE
    this is informative and helpful…………..

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