In Praise Of Her.

In Praise Of Her.


Long looks and sighs

Are all I ever give her

My heart beats, my breath is caught

In praise of her

Long looks, painful sighs

I would talk to her

I would be more than a shadow at the corner of her eye

But my heart thunders

My breath catches


In praise of her

Lush, delicate eyelashes

The softest fingertips

I have seen them

Never touched them

But always feel them


Always her

She is female

To my male

The enveloping quiet softness

To my noisy callow hardness

She is me, a girl


Only, only her

She is beauty

Shapes and curves

She doesn’t see me

Look here! Help me!


To be with her!

The longest look

The deepest sigh


In praise of her.

–Gboyega Otolorin/19th January, 2011/ Taraba State–

16 thoughts on “In Praise Of Her.” by Gboyega Otolorin (@guywriterer)

  1. SHORT(lines), SIMPLE and SWEET, very nice one here… You did a good job…

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful! who be the girl abeg? Let me toast her for you..when I’m done,if i hear say she no see you! lol!

  3. “She is me, a girl” ummm…braincells are fryin here. Gboyega are u female? as in the male female, like…u know…she-male?
    i can help u a bit, drink some Johnny Walker, stoke up on the flames of your newly acquired Hobson courage and stand in front of her.i’m sure she’ll see u.
    @Estrella, seriously,u don see where dem toast babe for guy and the relationship work out?i dunno i’ve never been able to understand that toasting for someone else.i feel the guy won’t be able to keep up the impression that has been created.

  4. @neo-lite – No matter who toast, the right people will jell oh. This is a very sweet poem. Didn’t quite get any interpretation of what might be holding the guy back. @estrella – biko, help him out oh. But make the guy make sure say no be infatuation oh, lol. Really enjoyed the poem.

  5. This poem is very good for both toaster and toastee…even toast sef go fall for the poem, run go meet butter…Nice one U have here.

  6. @xikay, thanks man! I try.
    @estrella, ‘breathtakingly beautiful’!!!! wow! For this small me! I don hammer oh! As for the girl, my inspiration, well it’s sort of complicated…as per why I can’t approach her.
    @neo-lite, er…no…I’m definitely not female. And Johnny Walker makes you stupid men, not brave…alcohol can make you say the silliest things.
    @jaywriter, as per what’s holding the guy back, like I said to estrella, it’s a complex situation. And anyway, this is a poem in praise of a symbol,seen from far away. It’s like the guy is scared to approach her in case she’s not what he thinks she is and the illusion is shattered.
    @raymond, thanks man.
    @everyone, have something else in the bag….Dialogue…look out for it…COMING SOON!!!

  7. @gboyega, you better go and say your mind, the way i see the subject, i might go behind you o!

  8. Thanks to everyone!! Mucho gracias! Especially Estrella….’breathtakingly beautiful’!!! All that for this small boy, I don hammer be dat!! Make sure y’all watch out for my next piece: Dialogue. COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. WATCH OUT! na 9ja film?

  10. Thanks y’all!!! You’re the best.
    Watch for my new piece: Dialogue.

  11. @gBOYEGA, i thot u would explain the line that made me ask the question;“She is me, a girl”
    try n remember that there are always different strokes for different folks.jOHHNY wALKER as with all other alcoholic drinks will only make u stupid(er) if u’re stupid enough in the first place to take excess. come to think of it, anything including holdin back for no apparent reason when u’re attracted to someone or something is…(i think using the word “stupid” is derogatory so u can search yr vocab for a more suitable word to use).

  12. @gboyega, note @neo-lite’s points

  13. “The enveloping quiet softness

    To my noisy callow hardness”

    hmm…. soft and hard? male and female…

    folks, are you pondering what i’m pondering?

    guy free, no be because say u no no if na illusion- all that one na story- a trick to approaching such expected lack of courage from a shy guy is to plunge! on getting there, you’d find the words- after all, you’re a poet.. use your strength!!!

  14. Loved the poem, and especially the ensuing comments.Make una no finish the guy now! Wetin sef? if im say im no go, make una leave am, after all, life is about choices. @ Xikay: Be careful o!

    Well done!!!

  15. @colotrends, i dey your back full time

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