23 thoughts on “He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.” by CerebrallyBusy (@CerebrallyBusy)

  1. i loved it.

  2. i love it but of course that aint love you know.

  3. Hope girls’re reading and understanding. Wonderful poem with a great philosophical and lovely satirical tone. Love the poem. A nice little chat in this situation can do a whole lot more than hitting or back-hand slap.

  4. Confused love is what it is.

  5. Great poetry..he loves her violently!…lol

  6. bad love huh, i guess the writer is confused.

  7. Excellent depiction of domestic abuse.

  8. who loves who!!!… very short, yet explicit… not too much curry and salt…good

  9. Cool but that’s not love.

  10. Small words…Big message! iLIKE.

  11. This is simply beautiful and so true, it is sad that most relationships are like that. What a concise analysis of the issue!

  12. thank you all so much for your lovely comments! :)

  13. The simplicity in style made it outstanding! The message was clear. Good work

  14. Hehehehe. Nice.

  15. I for one am tired of women who stay still and allow a man beat them. Poison the bugger. Simple.


    1. Looool funny. Thanks.

  16. Simple and precise but HE LOVES YOU NOT cos a man who loves his woman wont beat her…there are other ways of resolving conflict without getting violent.

  17. yeah she knows he doesn’t.
    That’s why the last word of the poem is Not

  18. Nice one. Vicious circle…the wise ones get out before the coffins carry them out!

  19. Learned about the reason why women stay in abusive relationships from my Human Development and Family Studies class. It’s a cycle (I think of about 5 stages), and interestingly you summed it up in this poem. He hits her, and tries to appease to her by doing something “nice” for her….he does it again, then buys something expensive for her. The cycle continues until SOMETHING out of ordinary happens that makes the woman rethink why she’s still in the relationship. Lovely written, I love it!

    1. Yes! Your comment totally makes sense!
      Thanks for stopping by

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