At 14, walking down the street with a boy, not to imagine two or more, hanging at the corner would have been my worst nightmare.
Being shy was an understatement!

At 16, dreams of forever after with the boy that lived down the street was the best part of my day. Fairy tales almost ruined my life.

At 17, made up a story about being sick which elicited my first kiss.
What a wonderful experience.

At 19, the boys came sniffing, even in my baggy jeans and lumber jack shirts.
I still wonder what kind of mystical ‘cologne’ I had on then.

At 21, I had become a heart breaker, or so they said. One once said to me ‘you are like an indecisive driver, you rev up a car and then decide you don’t wanna go for a drive after-all’.
Still trying to figure out what this means.

At 24, I tasted butter scotch and coffee and experienced the lifting of one leg.
Heaven was my sanctuary.

At 25, the pain was slow and sharp at the same time.
Had me confounded for time unknown.

Now, I have to accept the fact that the one I love chose the one I also love.

The complexities of life!

35 thoughts on “Evolver” by Diva Divine (@divadivine)

  1. Okay, I guess this is a new style in poetry. I like it though. Complexities of life indeed, we all have our share.

    1. Thanks scopeman

  2. Quite lovely but didn’t get the final lines. So please explain. But still enjoyed it though. Think this is a unique style though and it worked for me.

    1. As a huge fan of yours,it really gives me great pleasure when you compliment my writing. Well, this is like a chronology of events in a girls life and the end simply describes her present situation which is that she’s in love with a guy who chose to b with her bestfriend.

  3. No go over-hype me oh, lol.

    “Now, I have to accept the fact that the one I love chose the one I also love.”

    This was how I understood the lines at first.

    A good ‘shy’ girl usually has two friends. A guy and a geek. So this girl has a guy and a geek. Of course she has no serious relationship with them at the time so they all get to spend time together. Now, the guy starts enjoying the whole time they spend together more than he should. The girl equally starts liking him more because of that. But the guy was actually liking geek more and that was his reason for coming more. So guy falls for geek while shy girl was falling for him. I had to really leave this short so it doesn’t bore you too much but that last line told me a full story… like a whole screenplay.

    Screenplay is my area so a few lines can really mean a lot to me.

  4. this is quite a nice innovation in terms of form. very nice, could pass for poetry and short story. the concept is also good. KUDOS

  5. Haaaaa…. Nodding my head as I’m reading..

    1. Nodding in approval i take it!? ;)..thanks anyway..

  6. Diva, beautiful!

    Had the same thought as Jay did about the last line; maybe not quite in the guy-and-geek way but as in two guys. Thanks for explaining but be careful not to make your work ambiguous.

    1. Thanks abby…comment noted!

  7. This is a nice new style, but the final lines got me a bit confused…But it still is nice.

    1. Thanks Ray….lol…almost everyone was confused with that line….It wasnt meant to be a straight forward ending i quess..lol…

  8. Men shouldn’t be too loud here, lol! This is a Superb Innovation… Who am I to question you for ending this with a riddle..?

    1. Thanks Idoko….

  9. This is well written, and I like the twist you gave to the last line. Very unique, do keep it up. *thumbs up*

    1. thanks you Love…*winks*

  10. Hmmm…. [shakes head] Jay’s comment made me laugh inside. His interpretation of that last line really took HIM far from the main thing, which in my opinion is how this young lady ‘evolves’ in her love life based mainly on the perception of ‘boys’ and how she feels about this ‘evolution’. Well, that is HIS interpretation all the same. He’s entitled to it. I’m not saying that it is wrong or right, o! I’m not at liberty to say that, biko!!! I saw this, em, ‘block-paragraph’ ‘poem'[?] and I said to myself: God, I miss @boomingsols!!!! :D Where IS she? What happened to her, please? Anyone? Perhaps I should mention other NS-people in that ‘lovely’ foroom that are becoming voiceless now [Afronuts, treasured1, etc.], but this piece just reminded me of her, @boomingsols. Gals and guys, I crave your indulgence to please look under ‘Site Statistics’ for the poem OH!PASTOR and click on it and see the lengthy commentaries that preceded that piece. This piece reminded me of that piece, Diva, and believe me, you’re a good writer, you’ve shown it, but I also believe that you can be a better writer with extra hard work, hm? ;) ‘Go, girl; seek happy nights to happy days’ :)

    1. Mastress – A girl told me one of her fave actors is Al Pacino. Her fave Al Pacino role, Lt. Col. Slade in Scent of a Woman. For her, Scent of a Woman was about a blind man who defends a boy in a school hearing where almost everyone is against the boy. My interpretation, a weekend love relationship between a boy and a blind man that helps both learn very important lessons about life. That’s the power of every good work of art. Being able to make people think. Some recently gave me an interpretation of my work that never crossed my mind when I wrote the stuff. So re-look and re-peruse that last line and my interpretation and try and see what happens. About your NS best friend, she’s on Richard Branson’s wonderful plane travelling to space. Think she’ll be back soon. And her work was quite good. Was like Henrik Ibsen’s work. Critics then labelled him ‘a ghoul of a soul’ which can be interpreted as ‘terrible’ only to discover her work was actually very good. The only issue, like Ibsen’s and Beckett’s, she didn’t follow the ‘normal’ guidelines.

    2. lol…I also tot Jay’s analysis was uuummm..well ‘his analysis’..lol…as i read your comment, i thought to my self…’finally, someone gets it’ and great pleasure flushed down my belle…thinking ‘wow’ to be likened to this @bloomingsols (as i no know the chick)…and her poem OH!PASTOR..i felt great pride and quickly searched for her poem. When i saw your comment…i did a 180 and actually said out loud ‘wooooaaah….na compliment this chick been compliment me abi na wetin???’…lol…..i cant stop laughing….I think this piece is more like a ‘musing’ like someone mentioned in OH!PASTOR cos when i was done, i didnt really know where to categorize this and felt poetry fits it more since it was short and in “block paragraph” like you put it…lmao…

      Anyways, thanks for your comment, appreciated and critique noted (from OH!PASTOR)..lol..

  11. I got this immediately I read this and I have to say, this is really beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Lade. I really admire your work and to get a compliment like this, I am truly honored…

  12. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Found this very interesting, even though the form is strange and unusual. That’s the beauty of poetry, it grants you boons. Well done.

    1. thank you….make of whatever you can… ;)

  13. @Diva-divine, i just do hope this piece is not a confession from the inner you, real or wished. i just love the style, pace and idea…BIG UP again!

    1. ;-) its up to you guys to make of it whatever you wish to make of it…..btw…what if it is???? #justasking. Thanks once again!

  14. @diva-divine, if it is, fear go catch me na!
    kinda liked the end.

    1. why fear go catch you?????

  15. Loved the form, quite innovative, I must say, and the style of writing too….

    Well done!!!

  16. just beacause: ‘you are like an indecisive driver, you rev up a car and then decide you don’t wanna go for a drive after-all’.

    1. lol…i tot as much..well the story doesn’t necessarily have to be about me, so…… ;-)

  17. @diva-divine, (winks) we know!

  18. i know say u don hear am tire. abi na read am tire but i like the style. what exactly is “…the lifting of one leg”?didn’t get the last lines (u don tire to read this 2?)but i’ve read the comments so now i know. nicee.

  19. ah, i can not be tired of reading una comments o..infact e de totolli my body..hehehehe..
    you know the theory of when a girl falls in love and is being kissed by the object of her affection and one leg goes up???..yea..thats it..;)

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