Deep Down My Heart

Deep Down My Heart

Deep down my heart

Stands a dagger,

Bright in the dark,

Dripping danger….

From the huge glinting dagger,

Blood droplets drop apart,

Even to dark dreams scattered

About a gaping gash.

And now the flashes gather,

Ready for one more slash

That may then come to shatter

My already weak heart.

See how blood bubbles glimmer

Above this one red gash,

Showing the gruesome manner

The world may come to crash.

Within the bubbles harsher

Are pictures yet unclear.

Within the balloons blacker

Are stories yet unmatched.

Ah how poverty hovers

Over this world mass!

When will world wars be over?

When will this danger pass?

And now the flashes gather

Ready for one more gash.

Oh, Lord, answer my prayer,

Let not this second slash.

And Lord, come heal this crater

And take away this jack

Flipping and dripping danger

Deep down my very heart.

(Completed September 2004, Nsukka)

17 thoughts on “Deep Down My Heart” by jeff unaegbu (@jeffunaegbu)

  1. Ah! Yes Lord,please don’t let the second slash oh!
    see picture of gore and destruction abeg! You try for this poem bros…
    broken dreams,broken realities…keep it up!

    1. Yes oh! estrella. If the second slash happens, then there will be total disaster. The first one was really endured. Thanks for the ups!

  2. Nice one here bro…

    1. Thanks, Xijay.

  3. a heart stabbed and broken by life. thought at first it was woman (woe unto man). deep. just let the pain cause you to love irrevocably and’s what the world needs, its what your heart needs to heal.

    1. Yes neolite. one good thing about poetry is the many interpretations. I am loving this particular interpretation from you!

  4. @neo-lite, me thinks this poem is about the disaster… of the EARTH, 2004 hints me of TSUNAMI and EARTHQUAKES…

    1. You are also right. The earth needs healing. Love needs to be redeeamed too!

  5. Good poem. Love the message it’s trying to convey. Good one.

    1. @Jaywriter, thanks. I now see messages of earth, tsunamis and love, as my friends had interpreted. Didnt know love will pop out at the end too. Poems can spring surprises oh.

  6. Good one here, Jeff.

    1. Thanks, Sir Idoko.

  7. This is a good poem. Touches real issues. Nice!!!

    1. @Raymond, thanks for the big ups!

  8. @jeff if anything needs redemption, its LOVE…e don enter JAIL tey tey

  9. Jeff this one gory no be small o! You need to consider my poor, feeble heart before posting o……
    Loved the imagery of the dagger. Me sef no want second shash o!

    Well done!!!

  10. Good one Jeff, well done!

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