Angels and superheroes

Angels and superheroes

we may not have wings
but with love we could
lift everyone who is broken and helpless.

golden robes may not be ours
but with our actions we can
radiate and outshine the finest gold.

we may not have magical swords to fight the villains
but within us lies an ocean of light and goodness
that could overcome the desert of darkness and evil
that tries to encroach the world.

we may not have the power to make the sun shine always
but when the day goes dim,
we could light up the world
with the light in our hearts.

we may not have magical powers
and we may not be angels and superheroes,
but we could be everything
angels and superheroes should be.

8 thoughts on “Angels and superheroes” by ifeanyi-ogbo (@ifeanyi-ogbo)

  1. Could we really be superheroes and angels? Could we do what they should do? But we’d surely try our best. Good uplifting poem.

  2. Yes, we could be everything they should be. Great poem. Our abilities as humans to love, care for, empathise and sympathise with, lend a helping hand or even a shoulder to cry on, an understanding heart and wide open arms for heartfelt hugs, a listening ear, a non-judgemental heart amongst a lotta things make us the best angels and superheroes that exist.

  3. Yes indeed, we could be what angels and superheroes should be.
    I love the way the message is conveyed in a simple manner. No complex words, just plain brilliant!

  4. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    A good conjugation of marvellous realism in poetic frame.
    However some of your opening sentences starts with lower case.In all well done.

  5. cool poem with a very relevant message. of course we can, but will we? everyone should try to answer that.

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