A New Crocus

A New Crocus

In your heart so clear,
I feel a thumping palpitation,
I read an elegy of foreign emotions.
In your thought so loud.
I hear voices of rebellion,
The call to a cause just.

In your smile,so taut,
I see hope slowly wither,
confusion silently knocks.
In your vein so tight,
I feel blood flow,
Like water cascading down the high fouta D’jalon.
In your eyes so bright,
I see a endless depths
The blandness of empty coffers
In your tongue,blistered and full of bile,
I taste the bitter echoes of betrayal.
In your cries,i hear a voice so brave,
A song full of courage.
In your arms,
I feel your rippling muscles,
Full of strength.
In your youth,
I see wisdom,
Cunning yet comely,
In your breath,i smell redemption.
The birth of a new crocus,
The dawn of a new revolution.

32 thoughts on “A New Crocus” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. @anderson, NICE 1!i love its flow and concept. very sweet poem, this is just my first look at it, will come and dissect it soon.

    1. glad you do like it, will be looking forward to the disection

  2. This is poet we have here. Well done.

    1. Thank you bro

  3. The poem is fused with repetitive cadence and fastened to Nike, the winged victory.

    1. Hmmmmmmmmmm, is NIKE a book or what?

  4. Very good as usual. I must say you most definitely have to call your first daughter comely. Keep it up.

    1. lol,i guess that is my favorite word.thanks.

  5. ditto @jeff, cadence it does have

  6. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Glad to see you here..
    Happy New year..
    Nice poem

    1. thanks o, hapi new year to you too

  7. a good intro to the new year.This is good anderson, as always.Hope to see you around more now.NO MORE DISAPPEARING ACTS……LOL.

    Well done!!!

    1. no dissapearing sir, i am fully back. thank you sir

  8. This is nice…Noticed a few typos, but that doesn’t take anything from this smooth poem…

    1. Thank you, will work on the typos

  9. I think this can do with a bit more spacing. I believe poetry as art requires paying attention to details, therein lies its beauty.
    Oga Paul, I still prefer ‘A Kid’s Prayer’ to this one, even though this has a stronger theme.

    1. yes,its all about choices. thanx anyway.

  10. @Anderson,my good Sir,good 2 read ur musings again.As usual this poem has ur inkprints on it,boldly.The diction,crystal clear carried the subtle clarion call 4 revolution alright but ‘crocus’-a small purple,yelkow,or white flower that appears in early spring,2 me doesn’t evince di imagery of revulsion n disgust which di mood n tone of di poem reflects.Do u c my drift?Flowers in literature will readily suggest romance maybe with some exceptions.I stand 2 be corrected.Me lord,do consider rejigging dat part.Cheers doc.

    1. still thinking about it, i kinda feel the Crocus signifies a new birth or a kind of liberation.thank you.

  11. Anderson at it again!
    Happy New Year, Paul.

    1. Thank you ma, hapi new year too

  12. welldone anderson..nice one1

    1. Thank you posh

  13. ditto @scopeman, no one can ever be more right!

    1. exactly,thanx

  14. i have come back and i’m even more impressed. i think this poem is about a lover seeing the hope of love in the object of his love… crocus is a flower, maybe that’s beauty, rippling muscles, suggests a dude… empty coffers, heart with no feeling i guess… very nice

    1. @Jefsaraurmax is ryt about the country sir

  15. I like this poem Anderson.I like the short lines and the rhythm. It seems like it is spoken out loud.The way I read it is that you were talking about a country,not a person.

    1. exactly,i was talking a bout a nation and not a person but it can still be looked at from a lotta angles.

  16. @jesfaraurmax, hmmmmm. trying to figure that out

  17. i guess you get it now.

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