When love turns sour!

When love turns sour!

When Love turns sour
each visit to see her becomes a chore
climbing Mount Everest is an east feat
as to getting on the bus to her abode!

When Love turns sour
Phone Calls becomes
dull, repetitive, monotonous syllabic utterances
‘blah, blah, blah’ how she goes on and on!

When Love turns sour
the soup she cooks always has too much salt in it!
her Eba (farina) always has too much lumps in it!

When Love turns sour
her Jollof-Rice has the oil and water running different routes
one to the east, the other the west

When Love turns sour
her kiss has too much Saliva
wow is she an Ilama?

When Love turns sour
her make-up is always too much
her face painted like a Masquerade!

When Love turns sour
sleeping in the sewer
is more appealing than sharing the bed with her!

11 thoughts on “When love turns sour!” by afro-prince (@olayinka)

  1. This is quite funny. In situations like this, trust me it isn’t love that got sour, it’s more like lust getting lost or infatuation just clearing up like smoke. Something like that. Maybe the soup, kiss, makeup, phonecalls have always been bad. Good poem though. Really loved it. The concept, use of words and the stanza thing really worked. Just don’t agree with the message.

  2. Am glad you found it funny. To a certain extent, I would agree with you that this situation is more of Infatuation than Love because infatuation sizzles out after some time but True Love grow stronger by the day.Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement Jaywriter.

  3. Nice poem… You talking about love but spreading your tentacles to other sides of life which is good…

  4. Thanks for the insightful comment Idoko Ojabo.

  5. Lol! This is funny. Have to agree with @Jaywriter though.

  6. Am glad you found it funny Lade because I was trying to potray it in this poem. My intention/theme was to show the Flimsy Excuses men make when they are tired of reationships & begin to find fault in everything!

    1. Apart from one or two typos I noticed, the structure and rhythm of the poetry is actually good, but about it’s sense, I was reasoning along with Jaywriter. But then, your last comment “My intention/theme was to show the Flimsy Excuses men make when they are tired of relationships & begin to find fault in everything” actually makes sense and puts the poem in a somewhat different and perhaps more logical perspective. Well done

  7. Thanks Tee for noticing both the bad & good bits of the poem. There is always room for improvement on my part. Am glad you were able to see things from my perspective as a writer/poet wants his readers to get the message of their works.

  8. this is funny you really got the whole thing wrapped up like moin moin in leaves…thumbs up.

  9. lol am glad you enjoyed it, appreciated.

  10. Intresting poem. Well done.

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