The Magic Cobbler

The Magic Cobbler

I have traversed many lands
Learning a trade for my nimble hands
Some call me the magic cobbler
Others, the great shoe maker
I will frame the sole of your feet
Carve you a shoe that perfectly fit
Of the finest of rare leathers
With the colourful delight of assorted feathers
Let me see your stubborn sole
Tame it with a shoe that sings to the soul
Let my fingers sow and weave
Till it brings you soothing bliss.

Call my by the color of my skin
Black with a glowing sheen
I see your shoe lacks that touch
That of a master to make it gleam
I will make you a perfect shoebox
Of the finest of cedar and soft perfume
After a fancy catwalk
It will keep your shoes in its bloom
Call me the magic cobbler
Call me the great shoemaker
All i do is make shoes that brings smiles
And helps you sail easy through life.

17 thoughts on “The Magic Cobbler” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. Anderson-The Magic cobbler,this was beautiful,master of poets and I could feel a tinge of romance somewhere.
    Btw,I still have to pull your ears.
    You rock.

    1. you are right about the tinge of romance, sharp instinct. thank you

    2. @Anderson u made her shoes right?

      And, I need some serious shoe mending ur digits pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! Lol.

  2. I have traversed many lands
    Learning the words for my nimble fingers
    Some call me the magic poet
    Others, the great poem spinner
    I will frame the soul of your heart
    Carve you a poem that perfectly fits
    (excuse my atrocious attempt to reword your beautiful poem. I’m no poet)

    A magic poem from the magic poet – Paul!

  3. You are the poet, no doubt, Paul! unfortunately some typos tried to spoil this beautiful poem. More grace to your pen.

    1. yes, noticed the typos too. will work on it. thankx

  4. I can only wonder what was the inspiration behind this. This is good anderson, as you have made us used to.

    Well done!!!

    1. was writing something else and i got here. thanx

  5. sweet, thats all i can asy. The title is very captivating too.

    1. yes,i guess so. thank you

  6. Wow…this was awesome!

  7. this is wow!@anderson, except for the first line of stanza 2…i’d say this is perfect

    1. yes, i kinda had second tots abt that stanza too, will work on it, thanx.

  8. hey boss, how much could i get a pair of 45’s. nice

    1. lol, that should be a private matter. lets start wit a million bucks.

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