Shame to my alter ego

Shame to my alter ego

I could have been an area father

Having no joy in peaceful situations

Or a professional freeloader

With no life, no goal, no aspirations

Then Jesus paid the ultimate price

That opened me up to Eternity

He accepted me in a timeless splice

By His sacrifice at Calvary

So, Christmas is more than a feast of Ofada

It’s an expression of God’s love for me

Christmas is different because I’m not an area father

I’m a child of God with a bright destiny

4 thoughts on “Shame to my alter ego” by Dipo Adesida (@dipoadesida)

  1. “there, but for the love of Christ, goeth i” (or something like that, lol)

  2. I don’t really see the alter ego here.

  3. Fantastic Dipo, it was very enjoyable.

  4. well, not bad…nice message though

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