Pop in the night breeze

Pop in the night breeze

I remember that night
We took a leisurely walk around the estate,
The dim street lights and soft shadows
Crafted by effect, a flirty twilight.
Occasionally, I took your hand,
Swinging to the gentle harmony of our mood…
In the park, while we rested on a concrete slab
Close by a fruit tree
Surrounded by stout flowery shrubs,
Do you remember the bliss of that night?
Beautiful, enchanted by the mild harmattan breeze
And I, feeling like a man walking the moon
As we chatted playfully.

Time held it’s breath, it seemed the whole world would freeze,
The street honks and the droning of engines felt like a planet away;
As urgency gathered weight upon my heart
I could feel the thump in my temples
But your palm in mine soothed, like fine silk –
Nothing smoother, nothing softer or sweeter!
Then you became quiet, steered away and
Seemed to be suddenly fascinated by your toe nails.
I knew, heaven knew, the sleepy headed little birds
Nested in the fruit tree above our heads cooed quietly in agreement
That I had to pop the question that night.
The circumstances may have been too simple
But the moment was magical,
And so I did – I popped it right there.

It took a while, but you looked up again,
The starry night twinkled through your glistening eyes
A smile bore your entire soul on your lips – oh what pretty lips you have!
As you breathed out “yes”, you couldn’t find your voice amidst the emotion;
My entire self, transfixed between those lips in hypnotic gratitude –
I soon found my fingers stroking their smooth satiny lines,
Touching the taste of your soul –
Nothing smoother or sweeter!

I remember the night! I remember it like it was this moment!
I remember as your perfume danced with the fruity fragrance
In the enchanting night breeze tickling on my skin
I remember asking you to be mine, like it was this very moment my dear.
O yes! On this beautiful anniversary, I remember the night our love-ride began.

©Tee Akindele, (http://www.facebook.com/EverydayPoetry)

14 thoughts on “Pop in the night breeze” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. Tee, will you marry me and write me romantic poems forever and ever? Lol.

  2. LOL, you make me wish for any Lady who will appreciate the poems just as much, Thank you Lade. :)

  3. I award you king of romance. Now, kneel and recieve the crown and be the master of any Eve you survey! Good Poem! Complete with colours and fragrance and je ne sais quoi!

  4. LOL Jeff, merci beaucoup et je ne sais pas ce que trop… I hope I got that right?

  5. Ha! Beats me. I drop my jaws in wonder….

    1. LOL, well I said thank you.

  6. Tee, ahah, na wao! You speach francais too? Ewo. You really be king of romance o, like Jeff just crowned you. Seriously, man, you’re good.

    1. Thanks for reading and for the compliments man

  7. Dreamy and very beautiful….Great job Tee…
    @Lade: Your husband will see this!!…(lol)

    1. Thanks mercy, I’m glad you think so.

  8. Dreamy and very beautiful….Great job Tee…
    @Lade: Your husband will hear this!!…(lol)

  9. Am loving this poem big time! It really captures the magic of love in the air coming from two hearts beating as one. It reminds me of the the very first time i asked a Girl out lol. Nice one mate

    1. Love in the air… right! Glad you like the poem bro

  10. The picture is so beautiful. And the poem too.

    I have never imagined the question in that manner. I think instead of saying ‘will you marry me?’ I’ll most like go with ‘let’s roll?’.

    Tee, like jeff’s said, the crown’s yours. Next anniversary, take her to Paris if you aint done that yet.

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