Na Only Bad Tin We Sabi?

Na Only Bad Tin We Sabi?

NOTE FROM THE ‘NON-FICTIONIST’: If reading pidgin aches your eyes, I understand. Besides, it’s not really a popular genre. Click to this link [or copy and paste the link onto your website address system and press ‘enter’] to see the Facebook debate I got involved in, and concluded, nicely:-!/topic.php?uid=78501702084&topic=8190.). So, I pray you enjoy this, hm?:

E get wan wite man film wey I get.  If I mention de name, some of una go no am.  De name na Basic Instinct.  Inside dat film eh, e get wan time wey de main actress, Sharon Stone, wey be riter go tell de main actor, Michael Douglas, wey be policeman say her main persin 4 book wey she dey rite must die.  If dat persin no die, dat book wey she dey rite no go sell.

Why de tin go be like dat?  Tinz no dey ever dey betta at all so?  My kontry peeple, na only bad bad tin we go dey get 4 mind so?  Any time naija persin wan do good tin, una go talk say na wite persin im wan be.  Na only wite persin sabi do good tin?

If Obasanjo and Atiku fite, e no go ever concern us.  Dem impeach Fayose and Obi from govment, but how dat go ever concern us?  Education minister chop money, Balogun chop money, dem kill Dokubo, dem kill Bola Ige, dem kill Funsho Williams, dem dey tretin politishan dem wit bomb.  But we no dey do na-tin!  Okay, plane go kpeme 4 air, motor go dagbaru 4 road, boat go capsize 4 water, and na wetin we do?  We just talk like parrot.

De small small tinz wey I dey rite go show una say I myself no be betta persin, but I no like bad tin.  Many many tinz dey happen 4 dis obodo naija wey tire me well well.  So so 419 brekete!  I no see hope 4 good tin to come.  Make we no pretend say tinz dey good wen tinz dey bad.  Oga Fela go say:

Suffer suffer 4 world

Na your fault be dat

Me I say

Na your fault be dat

Eedris Abdulkareem go say:

Nigeria jagga jagga

Everywhere scatter scatter

Poor man dey suffer suffer

Gbosa!  Gbosa!

No be surprisation say we wey dey 4 dis obodo naija no wan good tin.  E dey even dey shame me sef.  E get plenty time wey I dey tink bad bad tinz myself.  But I no dey happy inside.  Wen I dey rite small small about myself dey give una if I dey talk about issues, I dey show una say I wan betta 4 myself and 4 my kontry.

My kontry peeple, na only wan way we go dey go?  Why we no dey allow good persin to grow?  Bad bad tink-tink dey bring 4ever headache, o!  E no good, o!  De peeple wey dey go church brekete wit no solution, e be like say una don disturb God too much, even though God no dey complain.  But if Im complain so, son-tin bad don happen.  Dodge, o!

Na only bad bad tinz una wan to dey hear every time.  If Obasanjo go tief money from London con bring am 4 naija, we go say yes, before nko?  Na tief man we get as President.  If Ken Nnamani go give woman belle 4 outside, we go say no be surprisation, na fat man im be before.  If state govnor carry koboko flog im wife because she no gree give am baby boy, we go open mouth sote we no go no wen moskito go enter collect blood wey im dey look 4.  African China talk say:

Mr. President, lead us well

If you be governor, govern us well

If you be senator, senate am well

If you be police, police well well

No dey take bribe

Make I speak English small: It is not only the leaders the koboko is meant for whenever they misyan.  If I see bad tin, if I hear bad tin, I no go dey happy.  Dat tin go vex me, I no go sleep well 4 nite.  I wan try make I no tink bad tin do dat tin.  Una no go try?

Dis na my tory.  Plenty peeple don talk dis talk, but make I remind us.  Abeg o!  No be only bad tin dey 4 naija, o!

9 thoughts on “Na Only Bad Tin We Sabi?” by Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

  1. Gbam! U don talk am finish.

  2. You say som good tings dey happen for Naija, a for like make you tell us those tings from your own perspective. Sometimes we hear so much about the bad tings, eh, we no hear about the good! I like the fact say you talk about this issue. Na like elephant in the room.

  3. Make I add another song to all the ones wey u don sing: “WE GO FLOG POLITICIANS KOBOKO O! DEM TOO DEY DO US OJORO O!” Emmanuella, it is very commendable that you have written this in our Pidgin English. However, the work itself seems to have no purpose. It condemns the sidon-look attitude of Nigerians yet does nothing but that itself. Ha ha! Well, maybe this fits more into a rant sweetie. *winks*

    1. Yea, you’re right, King Koboko. Maybe I should’ve enlisted all those good things we Nigerians like doing that are good in the eyes of God through my own perspective, but at the time I wrote this, I was so filled with deep-seated bitterness that this was the only cure I saw for myself. Maybe this pidgin piece simply ‘flogs’ those who stay so negative in nature. Then, gradually, we all can unearth that tiny ray of hope left that can be found. Thanks for reading and thanks for your commentary.

  4. Emmanuella, i read your facebook discussion and saw all the different views. But the thing is – hate it or love it, pidgin english has come to stay in Nigerian writing. To quote @Seun – Gbabe!

  5. well, the pidgin was hard to read, but it was a good write up anyway.

  6. Emanuella, no be small ting!
    Naija mata don tire me.
    Corruption dey every country – I agree.
    But d tin wey dey vex me na say our leaders no dey give our young pickin opportuniti
    Any countri wey no dey give im people free education or free health never ready to make sure say future generations dey okay.
    Make we no deceive ourselves Naija don FAIL im youth, im poor and those wey no get connections.
    In short, e don fail MAJORITY of im citizens.
    When intelligent child from poor/average home go abandon im dreams because baba no see pension OR mama no see money continue trade OR state schools no dey function again – d country don fail!
    Sorry say i write too much – i too dey vex for Naija mata!!!

    1. Mama of Nigeria, being the ‘mother’ of this blessed country of yours is a real privilege, you know. So, the best thing you can do is endure the terrible things you cannot change, and change the things you can, then finally seek that wisdom to know the difference. Believe you me, we are evolving, albeit in a very snail-like pace. Other people would have a different view from mine. Getting angry over the terrible nature of the Nigerian situation is a true waste of energy, and it doesn’t solve the problem in any way. Wetin u just talk, mama, we don no am already eh. Let’s hunt for practical solutions, that’s all. It sounds simple, but I know it’s not. If there’s a collective agreement to this concrete fact, I’m sure we can find a way or many ways, hm? Besides, this is what ‘mamas’ do, right?

  7. good one ‘specially the LANGUAGE

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