Married Happy

Married Happy

I sail my sorry tailing you
For life acknowledge lusting accidents
I wish I had wail forgiveness due
But my heart your face hoped confidence

The pains of life mostly panning all
But with God we burrow the gates
I wish I had wailed through your ball
But to God your quick recovery date

The pains of life a lesson taught
But for you a sailing through
For therein lies another day alive bought
And I believe with God your sooth

You are alive for another day
A purpose, a time, God suppose
I wish you quick reign Gods way
And of my heart a living faith proposed


It’s been months and days sighed
Now you stand happy married
And a day, a month you still abide
Forget the past that did tarried

Another lesson to learn began
Plan now in togetherness for a future
For the time tolls the children to be
And the present holds you two insured

Here wails what to note secure
The money and heart in one purse
One mind and might problem to cure
And no secret nor lie holding force

That cooked at home, not for outside
You were created two but one
The fight will come but count on inside
And togetherness must pave your song

6 thoughts on “Married Happy” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

    Very nice one.

  2. @ Lade…Thanks…Glad you like it…All the best out there….

  3. Eventhough I didn’t grasp the initial lines but as I read down,I found real nuggets here.Nice course!

  4. I also like “Married Happy”, it’s a very good one, though I didn’t get the last line of it’s first verse, I was thinking maybe you meant: “Forget the past that did tarry”.

  5. Yeah, married happy was nice.

  6. Ditto all @ married happy.The first one got me confused though.Couldn’t really grasp it.

    well done!!!

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