Just Me Alone?

Just Me Alone?

its innocent me alone

thats left to atone

for the deed of  ancestors

long lost in earths stores

i’m left to right the wrongs

write apologies, creep up the rungs

from the murky depths

and pay the bulky debts

i’m here, companion of my loneliness

tending my purse’ leanness

slashing at the ferns of hatred

on this path i unwillingly tread

the sins of the father

the pains of the mother

have packed me a fate

too heavy for my pate

still i fear not

for the Lord will wrought

a great victory for me

cos his son i be

9 thoughts on “Just Me Alone?” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Think me likes the rhyming. Was very creative especially murky depths and bulky debts. Don’t know if the wrong cases were intentional but it also worked for me. Arsenal FC writes players names behind jerseys with all small letters and have always liked it. So your small letters reminded me of that. Very good stuff. The message also has lotta depth and emotion. Keep it up.

  2. Ditto @Jaywriter. (except for the football bit)

    1. @lade-a – Your boy’s gotta support Arsenal and then you’ll ditto @jaywriter then. Lol.

  3. LOL @Lade. Richly emotional poetry and beautiful use of words man!

  4. Jaywriter i used the small case to show the feeling of dejection in the subject.
    Tee, thanks.

  5. @lade, na which club you dey support…me na Gunners for life!

  6. I’m returning the favor @xikay. I’m going through your materials, from the start. It might take a while to finish everything, but I’ll try.

    Alright, I was reading, then I stopped @ “…and pay the bulky debts…” I was able to sum up the poem’s theme as SACRIFICE. Then I continued only to read “the sins of the father, the pains of the mother…” I was like YEAH, I was right! It kinda reminded me of Christ’s death for us, you know. The price he had to pay for our sins.

    But then, such confidence in the last four lines! Amazing! The dejection the character had felt in the previous lines did not really matter anymore. Again, Wonderfully crafted poem Mister.

    1. just to clear the air for you…this is a very personal poem about a young dude who has to walk through the coals of the fire that the people

  7. @ayokunle. thanks bro…i wish everyone will read every other person’s materials and make contributions…that is the way for NS to grow.

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