I Used to Love Her

I Used to Love Her

I used to love her,

I did.
Africa; that lady.
Beautiful and proud.
I loved her in my childhood,
when all I knew of her,
were warmth and juicy fruits,
when I was kissed gently by her sun,
and it’s heat caressed me.

I loved her still,
Africa; that woman.
Before I understood her struggles
and while I scorned her strength.
In the first blush of my youth,
before I knew more of her bitter history
and her storied past.

I loved her,
Africa; that Whore.
When in my old age, I saw her again.
She had been taken by strangers
and raped by her very own.
The face I see on her,
is wrinkled by pain
and her bones creak with humanities age.

I used to Love her,
Africa; that beauty,
In her hay day of warrior women and dignified palaces
and now,through her indignities and crumbled pride,
I love her even more.

11 thoughts on “I Used to Love Her” by Ejiro (@Ejiro)

  1. ”I loved her still…”

  2. We all Africa still. Comparing Africa to a woman… quite lovable Good poetry. Good use of words too.

  3. Indeed, we love her still. Somehow, while I read and understood this as dedicated to Afica, I couldn’t help but also see the advancement in age of the narrator and how his/her maturity helped him appreciate and love Africa.

  4. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Wonderful piece

  5. mmmm…through it all, your love has not wavered…good for you! Very well portrayed. I enjoyed the easy flow of words.

  6. Yup…cant help but love the MOTHERLAND!

  7. you have done a nice job of this poem. the imagery you used are so vivid that any reader would find it easy to identify with the piece. well done

    In her hay day [HEYDAY]

  8. Nice piece.You reminded us of history in a clear & concise manner.

  9. I love her even more. We shall restore her beauty.

  10. the usual thing… keep it up still.

  11. Sweet piece…

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