For the last time

For the last time

I lie silent, making no sound, save the swishing that is my restless legs sliding across the palm fronds scattered around the bench on which I lay, while inside me rages a tempest. Words I dare not grant voice scream deafeningly, demanding to be heard and maybe obeyed. As hard as it is to, I ignore them, preferring to sit-out their torment rather than give in to their lust driven whim.

Ha ha ha, I hear them laughing at me, my inner men (yes, they are many.)

I guess they know as much as I do that my resistance is only for a while, a very little while.

It has happened before, not so long ago. I had lain like this, thinking thoughts not too much removed from this one, in this very bench, under this very tree. Even the sun, which now looks across at me from those yonder treetops; bore the same grimace it does now.

Everything is the same, save for Elfi. No, not that, she has not changed, God no, I only mean she was in the frame then, to complete the picture.

Back then, just about this time, she was coming out of the thatch and bamboo bathroom, the droplets of water on her body glistening in the fading light of early dusk. Her loosely tied wrapper, clasping pert breasts whose goddess-like manifestations were enhanced rather alluringly by the wetness.

No, I did nothing, just stared. It was not until she had walked past me towards her mother’s hut at the far side of the compound that I found myself helplessly enamoured by her jaunting backside. That was when I lost my heart, when the battle with my soul began, and what a battle it has been, one I lost then and am sure again to lose now.

I did not know it, nor feel it. I only chanced a look downwards to find that the thrilling I thought was in my mind was indeed real. It is funny you know, for the very way I couldn’t control my libido now is also true of my legs. I know we promised not to do this again since last time felt like a mistake, but I am already halfway to Elfi’s hut, danger gifting my blood more heat. You see I am not supposed to be with her, she belongs already to my brother, but my heart, I found, is tied to my loins, and she alone can untie this knot.

Into sin, I head once more, and like times before, I swear this time will be the last – something to remember her by – but as soon as that vow touched the tip of my tongue, I know it for what it is… another lie.

Darkness, real or imagined, I know not, embraces me as the mat that encloses Elfi’s hut slides back into place behind me.

On the bamboo cot by the head-sized window near the far wall, she stirs. ” Tombi?” there is question in her voice, but the sigh that follow her mention of my name, dies as soon as I cross, in two lengthy strides, the space between us. Like before, she voices her reservations, but still them upon my demanding tongue.

We jostle with our sparse clothing and I instinctively clamp my lips over hers as her moistness overwhelms my hardness. The ground seem to be falling into the sky and the echoes of our collective voices, very near, yet far, is merging to become a song to whatever goddess holds sway over our wanton feeling.

Suddenly, she cocks an ear, fingers to my lips – still wet from her. She starts; I do too. In the distance, coming steadily closer, my brother’s voice, calling out her name.

2 thoughts on “For the last time” by Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

  1. i am shocked that there is no comment on this story… i can almost remember making a comment on it some time ago…

    anyways Mr. Fred, you have here a mighty piece. i loved it. the way you told the story carried your readers along. i could almost see the brother calling out his infidel of a wife.

    my only problem is that you sometimes decide to write long and cumbersome sentences instead of breaking them down to give them more power:

    Into sin, I head once more, and like times before, I swear this time will be the last – something to remember her by – but as soon as that vow touched the tip of my tongue, I know it for what it is… another lie.

    …nice story again

  2. everytime would always be a last time! haha … highly captivating.

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