Clips from Experience

Clips from Experience

Children at a Gospel presentation in Eau Clair...

As the bus was filled to the brim
With all sorts of people
It takes all sorts of people
To make the world we live in
Clips from the experience

As people are discussing a bout the event
While some kept quite watching
As the bus driver try to beat the impending traffic
It was like that until rain starts failing
An event of a lifetime

Of a truth is the biggest Christian gathering ever
The concert of a life time
One voice…one stage
As the power of worship
Invoke the area anal

Hearts are raise as voices are raising Unisom.
Artist led worshippers in worship
An outburst of praise
So enchanting as its echoes far and wide
What a wonderful clips

5 thoughts on “Clips from Experience” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. Clips from a ‘religious’ experience indeed.The theme is not clearly fully pursued though.Finally, lets say it needs more chiseling.Ndeewo.

  2. Ditto @Charles. Also noticed quite a few typos.
    You have a good concept well but your presentation needs work.

  3. You throw more life into this and let’s see the outcome…

  4. Well, as the others said, I didn’t quite get it.

  5. All has been said Okoh.More work!!!

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