The beauty of the human, is not in his/her facial looks, not in his/her well tailored dress code, not in the numbers of houses he/she owns,…………
Nor is it in his/her exotic and convertible fleet of cars, neither is it in the ability to amass wealth, the beauty of the human, is in the heart,……………
The beauty that put smiles on the faces of those who no longer know how to smile, the heart which pours out LOVE,
the heart that shares in the feeling of others irrespective of age, creed, tribe, custom, gender.

Beauty,my friends……is inherent in us all……….

6 thoughts on “Beauty” by T2 (@blacque4life)

  1. Well done…Keep writing! :)

  2. simple and lovely poem

  3. We all have so much beauty in us.
    Nice poem

  4. T2 (@blacque4life)

    thanx 4 all d nice comments – it inspires even further to read such

  5. Beautiful poem. Yea, we got lotta beautiful ladies on NS. So everything work. Good one.

  6. @t2, you have a nice piece here. we need to hear stuff like this more often. many people do not see the beauty in them.

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