Ageless Love

Ageless Love

The other day, you knew just what I was thinking
As I mused over my visage in front of the mirror
You embraced me from behind
And pressed ageless kisses to my head
I savored the mild sting, as stubs of your beard
Pricked the back of my neck
That still gave me goose pimples like I was a little girl!
Playfully, you bumped me with your huge tummy:
We are one reflection of each other, me and you.” You said,
Pointing me to the mirror as we laughed to out heart’s content.
I remember another day as you wiped my tears,
Fingering the wrinkles on my face and said:
I like the way these lines give you a permanent smile“.
Over the years, my heart has saved these echoes
Of the rich tone of your comforting voice.
For in those moments our love was born again
As we laughed or both cried, we became young again.

You’ve been my constant warmth
Even when life felt like a cold empty shell
Now we can be thankful to God for all we have to celebrate.
We’ve hosted all the shiny stars of the galaxy
in our bed chamber for many nights,
But after all this years you have not grown tired
Of feasting on my bosom, well neither am I!
It is almost a contest of who really is the baby now
Not even the grayness that marks our head like a halo will make us shy.

And I’m brought back to the crossroad where it all started
Where we saw ahead a long winding path
Whose hurdles we could give no thought
We bowed our knees and prayed
That out love would be blessed and hallowed…
And now, decades down the line, I see,
That as a real man would –
You meant every word when you said
I’d always be your baby no matter what!
Well, between being the sweet mama and an aging beauty
I’d be here, helping you keep your promise
I’d always be your baby as you are mine
No matter what!

©2010, Tee Akindele (

15 thoughts on “Ageless Love” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. OMG,Dear God let me marry this type of man IJN,amen.
    I’m all mushy,this is the most romantic stuff I’ve read,ehn,ageless love,could wind on and on but Tee,not only are you damn prolific but ur wife is lucky.
    My take.

    1. LOL. Gretty dear, you like to make me feel special sha and yet I know I’m not too much of a great guy o! But thanks so much for your fond words. I also like the feeling that my wife is going to think herself lucky, I pray God completely makes me into such a great guy :).

      1. you are definitely a special guy,a great guy and a good husband sef.
        God will definitely complete you and sure ur wife is lucky.

  2. This is awesome, Tee. You are a true romantic.
    I’m definitely giving this to HD to read.

    1. Thanks Lade, I’m glad you find the poem worthy. :)

  3. Really gentle and romatic
    My favourite line has to be ‘Not even the grayness that marks our head like a halo will make us shy.’

    1. Thanks Naija Mum, I’m glad you like the poem too.

  4. You have done it again Tee.This is very good, and ‘mush-mush’ like Gretel would say.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Opeyemi, I’m glad you think it’s good too.

  5. Tee, this is absolutely beautiful. Like Lade, I will give this to DH. I wish I had written this.

    1. Thanks Opal, I’m much encouraged.

  6. This is awesome! Great piece from a great guy. You too much!!

  7. Thanks Scopeman, I want to be better o!

  8. This is what poetry is about. The ability to wear another person’s body, see through another’s eye, feel through another’s heart. In this case, u decided to be an old woman, even when u had the easier option of being her old husband instead. Impressive! What an AGELESS LOVE! Great work my dear poetic brother. *winks*

  9. The Koboko King! I appreciate your comments a great deal.

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