A note to Aisha

A note to Aisha

Dear Aisha

I’m moving out of the house and into a lil’ hut

Don’t worry about me, success is my only option; failure’s not

I’ve worked my butt off long enough

But I need to be brave and hex away this curse

How’s the baby’s cough, the leaking roof and Mom’s hidden stuff?

You’re the only one who understands why the world isn’t big enough

Believe in the gods above and fear not because soon, I’ll be in a better place

Where the definition of misery is not a baby’s face

Maybe better late this note than not at all

There are no phones where I’m going don’t expect me to call

Tell our little angel, soon I expect she crawl

I’ll be watching and smiling from heaven…oops! scratch that; must be my awful scrawl

Tell Paul not to miss me much, he can have my football

And you know all that I have is your’s; which is nothing- and everything

As I sign off with this red pen

I lay on my bed then

I pray my soul to keep

If  I should die in my sleep, its the poison taking effect

Ooops,  I meant to say under your  pillow is my last pay cheque


7 thoughts on “A note to Aisha” by Xtrawero (@xtrawero)

  1. Guess the new year’s kinda scaring the shit outta him. Enjoyed it shah. Good psychological and emotional probing with such few simple words. Keep it up.

  2. *winks* From Aisha: Rest In Peace my love. Ha ha!

  3. *winks* From Aisha: “Rest In Peace my love. Sorry I can’t drink the poison so that this’ll end like Romeo & Juliet.”

    1. lol. Aisha, your guy didn’t kill himself o. he ran away and lied to you. he’s enjoying himself in Kano with another chic

  4. If he’s cowardly enough to quit (commit suicide) on Aisha and leave her to raise their kid alone, then i say – good riddance to bad rubbish!

  5. LOL, I like the rhythm of the poem, true Xtrawero, it doesn’t sound suicidal, but more like he is really off in Kano with another chic. :)

  6. i hope this dude is not commiting suicide oh, that is the interpretation i’m seeing…. anyways this was a BOMB. very sweet poem..sweet but tragic!

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