A Christmas dream

A Christmas dream

I dreamt that we had church in a place so bright like it was in heaven
The large site had gay decorations and teemed with a cheery gathering
Mum led a choir dressed as white-winged angels
Which sang of a great joy born to the whole earth
I looked around and saw folk of every possible variety
Even bible story farm folk with their bleating lambs in company
Horses neighed in one corner, bulls mooed in another
As old, young, white and colored worshipers chorused “Joy to the world!”

Dad came in dressed like Santa –
With a snow-white beard hanging like a thick cloud
And a belted tummy that barely stayed tucked in –
Pulling a trolley packed with boxes in shiny wrapping…
I looked on as dad put a box in each and everyone’s hand
He didn’t mind if they were good or bad people, I didn’t understand
It made me wonder what the Christmas celebration was all about
What joy was born to the world? I needed to find out!

So Dad tried to make it very simple because I was only six years old
He said God gave the baby Jesus as a gift to the world,
To be a great king and teacher who had his birthday every Christmas;
So God is telling us to love everybody and greet them “Merry Christmas”.
I woke up from my dream still seeing bright colors and smiling
A shiny wrapper rustled amidst my rumpled bedding
And I clutched a partly unwrapped box in my hand
As Dad and Mum boomed in my face “Merry Christmas, sleepy eyed man!”

© Tee Akindele, (http://facebook.com/EverydayPoetry)

8 thoughts on “A Christmas dream” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. Beautiful!
    Merry Christmas, Tee.

    1. Thanks Lade, Merry Christmas

  2. Well, Mr. Tee, I admire the constant regularity of this very ‘white-man’ narrative poem: eight verses in each stanza, and three cute stanzas, hm. Narrative poems are a great rarity these days. Every poet who wants it easy is talking free verse now. I commend the consistency in the narration, even though this doesn’t sound like your voice here. I just wish you could talk about Christmas as an African child or something. I’m sure there will be a difference in tone as well as narration, even maybe presentation eh.

    1. Let me add here that the Christmas mood calls for ‘surrealism’. There’s a balance between the dream world and the real world.

    2. Thanks very much Emmanuella. About the voice, yeah I didn’t write this from the perspective of a Naija kid. It’s my bad that I forgot to consider the necessity of a ‘Naija’ bearing, before deciding to post it on ‘Naija Stories’. I wrote it initially for my poetry blog, which happens to have a good number of western fans, enough for me to, once in a while, write some pieces in a western voice besides numerous others that are typically of African character.

  3. This is beautiful Tee.why did it have to be a dream? Wish the world could be all rosy and easy like you have portrayed here.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thanks a lot bro, I guess the world is always rosy and easy if you are 6-year old. :)

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