A bad name

A bad name

You strung him up
With a bad name
And you’ll have him hanged.
Beneath choked spurted breaths
He whistles his defense
But cannot clear himself
As accusation squeezes tight on his throat
And he’s in the throes of life and death.
Is there a chance he will be heard
Over the voice of the crowd
Rolling his name like phlegm on their tongues
and spitting with disgust?
As they throw and wring their fists
All their thumbs pointing down.
Is there a chance he will be heard?

You strung him up with a bad name
You’ll have him hanged without the benefit of the doubt.
He is wheezing and coughing through your noose
Choked and loosing his breath.
By epileptic gestures begging for a chance to clear himself.
Just before you kick the bucket from under his feet
Can he make you see that
It’s not him the crowd have something against
It’s just a name.

©Tee Akindele, (http://facebook.com/EverydayPoetry)

15 thoughts on “A bad name” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. you write very interesting poems, well done.

    1. Thanks for reading and for the compliment Scopeman.

  2. Interesting poem
    sounds like an innocent person is getting punished.

    1. Yeah Paul, you can say that. I’m glad you also think it’s interesting.

  3. Ver interesting, well done! :)

  4. I have to agree. Your poems are always interesting. That’s quite a talent you have there.

    1. I appreciate the compliment Lade, thanks a whole lot.

  5. The poem is lovely Tee, as always. It is the ending part that i like the most.It is kanda inconclusive, leaving the reader to form his own interpretations of the fate of the poet persona.

    well done!!!

  6. Yeah. I’m glad you think it’s good, thanks Bro.

  7. Quite interesting and thought provoking. I noticed one small mistake – the spelling of loosing should have been losing.

  8. @Uche: loosing – ouch! That’s a sharp eye, Uche, thanks for reading and for pointing that out.

  9. Tee dis persona needs to see a lawyer fast and should consider changing his rather Herculian name.As always u chisel good poetry man.Am learning!Ditto @Uche.

  10. lol at the poor persona. I’m flattered by the compliment Bro, thanks!

  11. The poem just sweet sha…sweet like asala.

    reputation is not always based on fact unfortunately.


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