What is your hobby? Shopping!

What is your hobby? Shopping!

Recently, I’ve been trying to get my head round the idea that shopping could actually be a hobby. Exactly how is shopping a hobby biko nu? I can’t help but notice a lot of profiles on facebook, twitter and the likes, where people have advocated shopping to be one of their numerous hobbies. Let me first say here that by this argument, chauvinism is not my intent and I’m not prejudiced against women in any context. So abeg if I rub anybody the wrong way, my honest apologies.  But it is sufficient to say that these people in question are all girls. Every last one of them.   “Well my hobbies are shopping, spending time with family and friends, singing, dancing, going raving …. i am a easy girl to get along with love fasion. My music i like funky house, slow jams, bashment, hiphop, grime …. But if we wanna no more just ask .xx”. And there you have it.  I know it seems unfair but this was actually some girl’s hobby statement that I got directly off her profile and I haven’t changed a word of it; grammar and otherwise. Exactly as she take write am na so I copy am come o! I promise I didn’t make this up.  Anyway, since I don’t know this particular girl in person and she doesn’t know me, my head is safe.

Ask a girl what her hobbies are and the word “shopping” comes up within the first three sentences that roll off her tongue. The way they make it sound so casual na him dey tire me pass.  On what grounds exactly can one profess: “Shopping is my hobby”? Since when did every ‘Chinwe’ and ‘Scholastica’ have so much money as to afford to go shopping whenever the wind grazed their skin?  Is everyday now their birthday?  One girl said: “oh I just love shopping. I could shop all day, every day”. How do you just wake up in the morning, yawn and say “ah! I feel like shopping. Lemme go shopping, as I don’t have anything doing today”. On another hand, as much as there are some hard working ladies out there who can afford things for themselves every once and again , it is not such an evil to shop. But my question is this: Is shopping really an everyday thing like some of them make it out to be? While it is plausible that Paris Hilton can afford to say that shopping is her breadth and life, common Anwuli that lives in my back yard here go come tell me say her hobby too na shopping. Wetin she dey work sef? In the spirit of argument, I believe that people shop either when they have an imminent necessity or simply for Self-Gratification; But do you yield to self-gratification even when you don’t have the means?

How come I never see guys list shopping as one of their hobbies? Maybe we have a problem; I don’t know. For example if you asked me what my hobbies were I would say to you that I love to play my guitar, and produce music and then probably lie to you that I “love reading novels”. I try jare! After all i read a profile once where some dude said that he smoked for a hobby, while another said he chased women. Ok let’s say a couple of guys actually agree that one of their hobbies was shopping. That’s graspable. A young lad who’s doing well for himself feels like shopping and what does he get himself? A car.  He doesn’t buy a car every Friday because he feels like it; he buys it because an occasion warrants it. If I may quote the dictionary, “Hobbies are practiced for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. Examples include collecting, creative and artistic pursuits, making things, sports, cooking, and gardening to name a few”. And this is my favorite part: “Engaging in a hobby can lead to acquiring substantial skill, knowledge and experience”.  Oya Anwuli tell me how you can acquire substantial skill, knowledge and experience from shopping. And I will ‘nack’ my head against this wall the day I hear a girl say that one of her hobbies is gardening.

Shopping is something you do out of compulsory necessity. It is not a leisure activity, I am sorry. Yes you should give yourself a treat occasionally! Birthdays, Christmas/festive seasons, anniversaries etcetera deserve it. Also, agreeably, we all know we can’t resist that temptation when we walk past a store and see that one jacket, or that one pair of shoes and we instantly realise it was made especially for no one else on this earth but us, that we go in and buy it with our rent money. I know this one girl who used to starve herself because she spent all her money on shoes; seriously. You don’t shop when you don’t have any money. And let’s not be fooled that they’re shopping for groceries. Girls don’t shop for groceries, women shop for groceries. Well, like the humans that we are, prone to error, I think it’s a behavioral pattern in women to be one track minded as men equally are. Let’s face it. While the average ambitious young man wants to do well and make enough money in order that he can retire before the age of thirty and give his family a good life, the average young woman wants to make enough money so that she can buy the world from whoever sells it to her; so much so that she has the effrontery to make shopping into a hobby.

I was arguing with some colleagues from work the other day and I said to them; “How can i work a 9 to 5 job every day and struggle to feed my family only for my wife to tell me that her hobby is shopping? Jimi where are you going? I’m going to work. And what are you doing today? I’m going shopping. Is it fair? Na wa o! Even for this recession some people dem hobby na shopping. Well, window shopping following for shopping sha. Even though I may come off as irrational, I’m just being cognitive.

Nne gossiping is a hobby. In fact the act of chewing gum sef is a hobby. Shopping is not a hobby! Lol

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  1. Lol. As unbelievable as it might seem, shopping is a hobby. For a lot of people.
    Shopping is not a hobby for me, rather i am an obsessive compulsive buyer. I see something and i just have to have it. I remember years ago when Siemens SL65 was released. The very first day the advert aired on CNN, i just had to buy it. I was in Abuja then and toured the whole city that same day searching for the phone. I didn’t get so i called my friend in Lagos to search it out. Knowing me, he immediately went searching. And finally got around 5pm. I paid for DHL Super Express Delivery (then) to have it flown to Abuja that night. I ended up using the phone for less than three months before becoming obsessed with another brand. Thankfully, maturity and the economy have reduced such compulsive tendencies in me, lol.
    My sister on the other hand, makes a ton of money, reserves barely enough to survive on and shops with the rest. Believe me, there are real shopaholics in our society.

    1. And the fact that you buy things at whim does not mean it is your hobby…it has to be sustained meaning you will go out and buy regularly just as @jimi noted.

      window shopping could be a hobby but i disagree with real SHOPPING as a hobby…na beans?

  2. Shopping is my hobby! Or should I say having?!!
    But then you have to shop to have… so there…I said it!
    Jimi, u can’t do me anything (sticking my tongue out) :D

  3. LOL, bros e! I think what made this article particularly interesting for me is it’s casual opinionatedness. Though I appreciate the negative social implications you raised about compulsive shopping, I don’t find it so difficult to understand how some people could regard it as a hobby, or something they enjoy doing. I also think that there is skill, knowledge and experience to be gathered from being a ‘shopping hobbyist’, otherwise there won’t be magazines, websites and TV programs giving tips for shopaholics… People who say shopping is their hobby must know what others don’t know about the best/cheapest markets or products, the most reliable or popular brands etc. Abi now?

  4. Shopping as a hobby. ‘Mall rats’, are they shoppers too? Well, here what you guys call shopping in Lagos or Abuja or Port Harcourt might not be what shopping is in some other places. 200 bucks for a top at ‘bend down boutique’ could pass for shopping. So when every girl talks about shopping, they might just be serious. Really enjoyed this article. Think the issue’s like the issue of short skirts or gstrings or any other fad people just get into without really thinking thoroughly about it. Very good one jimi. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. @Tee: Some of these girls think that it’s such a cool thing to say shopping is thier hobby.But let’s face the facts. how many people after paying rent and other bills cant open their mouths to say i shop on a daily basis like some of them claim? lol. Shey na all of them get money now abi?

  6. @Berry: Abeg tell us wetin u dey work? and then i’ll tell u if u have the rights. lol

  7. Lol Jimi. I get you Sir. Shopping is not my hobby, infact before i ever buy anything i analyse and plan and over-analyse. it’s my weakness. that doesn’t mean i don’t like to buy stuff, but seriously like Tee said, I kinda get when people say shopping is a hobby.
    I enjoyed this :)

  8. Buahahaha,you’ve killed me with laugh ehn,chinwe,scholastica,Anwuli,chei.
    Shopping isn’t my hobby but I love to shop,I must get a bagful of stuff every week coz I give out clothes and shoes a lot,so when I’m planning,shopping must be there and it’s paid off,I’m trendy and sassy.
    Very interesting post,Jimi

  9. nice, nice. Very true indeed, i agree with your views

  10. @Remi: Just like Tee rightly pointed out,sometimes professionals (shopping hobbyists) can afford to say they do so. These people are definitely funded by whatever magazines or tv shows that they work for. Not the commonest Anwuli’s who is struggling. And it is not something that everyone can afford to say casually.

  11. @Gretel and Adeyinka: Thanks

  12. @Lade. It is not a hobby

  13. lol, real funny article
    i dont see any reason why shopping should be a hobby
    som even call themselves shopaholics.
    lol, what a world.

  14. I understand Jimi’s grouse here. Some people can rightly say that shopping is their hobby because they have the wherewithal to do it.But his anwuli and Nne do not have that kind of bragging right!

    That being said, I really enjoyed reading this piece.

    Well done!!!

  15. @ Anderson and Lawal: Thanks too much

  16. Naijamum (@Naijamum)

    LOL…Good write up and valid question
    However, as a hobby is ‘something you pursue outside your occupation for relaxation’, I have to say that shopping CAN be a hobby
    Whether shopping is a productive or reasonable hobby is another question

  17. Thanks Naija. If you can afford it all the time yes. Thats what my point is.

    1. and how many people can? at least not the girl next door. except she will be shopping for five naira kuli-kuli each time

  18. For me, shopping is not a hobby. In fact, I’d be willing to PAY someone to shop for me, and I am a girl. But anyone who wants to can list shopping as their hobby jo. Which one consain me? Every mallam wit im kettle.

    That said, I enjoyed reading this.

  19. Thanks Uche

  20. ANYGAL wey im HOBBY be SHOPPING, i go DODGE am like LEPPER! Another great story

  21. Make all the girls way dey claim say shopping na their hobby go meet T.B joshua for Deliverance.

  22. Funny enough, shopping is indeed one of my hobbies. Whenever I’m in a clothes shop or perfume store, I feel like I’m home. My friends always insist that I help them get their clothes and accesories. I have fun doing that. Brother, trust me, a hobby can be anything! nice work!

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