The Foroom

The Foroom

I hear the president rules from a walled place

 Under security, sedatives and a dazy haze

 Yet when he writes, none compares

 His ethos and ways, simple and fair.

 She lost her seat as first lady

 To the wiles of a mean nurse named Mercy

 Pretty gretel, witty and sweet

You are all the things a good man needs

 Forgive me Jaiye, all this i was told

 I remain loyal to our presido.

 He loves his role, the witty narrator

Weaving tales and goblets of humor

 Steamy, Cikko, Sicko, they are all same

 For many names come with fame.

Show me a lady wrapped in more mystery

Than the smooth and elegant Abby

 She says she’s SIMPLE as they come

So far, I’m yet to prove her wrong.

 He finds his muse in a woman’s sway

 Sleeker than silk, bolder than a JAY

 None bears proudly the title ‘Casanova’

Poet, playwright, a master flatterer.

His ink pours daily, a strengthening call

Oh ! the joy of knowing a Treasured One

Lade’s child is on the way

Let’s hope the cakes won’t be mailed.

 Meena left us here alone at home

 Uche was last seen working in Rome

Yet zillions of bytes tirelessly work

In anticipation of their looming return.

 I journey this road to be a writer

You all have made me so much better

In schools without walls, we teach

So on the days of our awards

We can watch our pen speak

 Its ink firing the embers of a new dawn

 Its words severing the ignorant from their bliss

 Let it be told that it was told

 Of a foroom family, young and old

They built a home without steels and blocks

A castle of creativity, ideas and words

That when the world is long gone

 History will say, out of nothing they became ONE.

44 thoughts on “The Foroom” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. The message is straight and dicey…. I join hands with you in appreciation… Nice Work!

    1. @Idoko..thank you plenty
      you are also welcome to join the family.

  2. Applause, Applause

    Paul, this is absolutely COOL (so far, i am yet to be proved wrong) and beautiful. Had wondered when the foroom was gonna be paid tribute to and it makes my old heart glad to read this.

    Would’ve given you points for this my friend but you’re already Top Member.

    There’s no doubt about your gift! Well done.

    And Lade, what can i say safe LOL! *chuckle*

    1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
      thank you

  3. The master poet. You’re trully one of the NS. With your innocent looking pictures on NS, one wouldn’t really know you see what you see the way you see it. I really love this. But we all know who the real Casanova is. Guess paul can’t write about paul.

    1. maybe you should do the writing of me after all.

  4. Foroom’s like a home where the children have all grown and left home for work, career and marriage. Hope we come back from time to time. Lade’s child dedications, paul’s marriages and so on. Really miss home.

  5. @Jaywriter.i really appreciate the foroom
    its done a lot for me in varying ways
    guess you are right to call it home

  6. flatter me again now, u just wont change.
    i’m no master poet, just love writing and glad u guys are helping out.
    thank u

  7. @Abby..glad you think its cool
    just to to write of my appreciation for the foroom and the family.
    thanks for the points too, i already have more than enough.
    Thank you for believing.

  8. Okay I am wowed,had to log in coz of this post,it’s so beauriful and my head is swelling,I’m everything a good man needs,hehh,my mama should see this,I really love the line about the presido,you hear he stays in a walled place,sedatives,wow,I love the piece.
    The foroom,my room.
    Then Andy,dragging ur ears and you know why???

  9. shouldnt drag my ears o cos my mum wont like it.
    glad u like the poem, Dont let your head swell too much o.
    thank yooooo..

  10. Anderson. You big gifted cow!

  11. @Paul-just like good pudding,the taste was in the eating,I mean reading.Good poem.

  12. @Cikko..what did i do

  13. @Charles..really appreciate that bro..thank u plenty.

  14. A fine poem and very thoughtful of you Paul. ditto Abby, the forum deserved a tribute.

    1. @Tee.thanks, it surely deserved one.

  15. Paul! Paul!! Paul!!!
    I’m trying to find the right words for your genius but . . . . . I’m lost for words.
    Long live Paul!
    Long live Foroom!!
    Long live NS!!!

    1. Thank you very much Lade
      Long live LADE!
      Long live Foroom!!
      Long live NS!!!

  16. You have wowed me again, what can I say?

    Well done Anderson, all thumbs up!!!

    1. @Lawal..glad you were wowed
      thanks for the compliments.

  17. You know…i hadda come out of the sedative daze and walled walls to comment on this…

    You are a literary genius…a master poet…a scribe sharing gems from his table with hungry mouths he’s about to find out are insatiable..

    You are a wonder. Don’t ever stop.

    Presidential Kudos.

    1. glad you left that walled place to comment PRESIDO, thank you very much and the presidential kudos is well accepted.

  18. Well, all I can say about this, @Paul, is this:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    This really is a much-needed tribute for the foroom you gals and guys created. I admire it, really! Go on, praise yourselves, hm, you lizards from the very high iroko tree!!! This is really an NS thing. It’s good. I’m just a ‘glancer’ of this thriving foroom, nothing further. ;)

    1. @Emmanuella..thats real funny, wasnt praising anyone you know, just used the qualities i know of each
      thanks all the same.

    1. Thank you Temi

  19. Paul! Nicely woven.
    I really, really admire your talent.
    Well done!

    1. thank you Remi
      no be me o, na God.

  20. I guess I’m back from Rome now. This is brilliant, Paul. I couldn’t help smiling as I read. Isn’t it nice to read a piece where you actually know all the characters. Well maybe not ‘know’ like that, but you know what i mean.

    1. Exactly Uche, that was the idea, miss every single person here. We will start season 2 of the foroom

    2. @Anderson and @seun I work mai way back and land myself here. Now, I see the light.


      The foroom -turns-and becomes-When I die.

      O ga o!!!

  21. Wooooooow, this poem too try. No be today una start.

    1. E don tey o my brother, now you can finally know and join the big fam..

    1. Glad you think so bro, enjoy

  22. @kaycee,@raymond, @xikay,
    Dis @Runz guy no call our names for ths poem o? Wetin. Sef, infact, I won’t comment on this..
    #NO COMMENT #Angryface

    1. No vex now, haba…you no dey for season 1 now buh u go most definitely hear your name for season 2, just make sure you are in the foroom.

  23. Despite how long it’s been…this ish still rocks.

    Classic lines.

    1. Yes boss, whatever you say
      Glad you think so

  24. chineke!walahi!dis na beta soup,only be say gari no

  25. Must I give you everything @uche, na wa for you o…better go and buy garri

  26. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    D Wowed look on face isn’t leavin anytime soon..
    Shit!! You are a genius Paul..Never ever stop writing not even when U r old and gray..
    And though I am no early bird, Ur poem does tell me a little about d ‘Foroomers’…Well done..

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