Not Just A Writer (3)

Not Just A Writer (3)

Just trying to see what I can do to the story to better it:
After his first love Quizzical, he had met so many other beauties but none of them could offer what he was really looking for, either they want his talent, his money or just want to learn, gain something from him. Some would not even mind offering their body for the price. He attended parties, clubs; a good dancer was he, trying to be among and lug along with the happenings around him, yet finding no comforting shoulders.

Everything gore him that he had to lay it all down to a resolve of facing poetry and book writing, teaching and being himself, pouring all his heart and soul into writing, teaching, reading, listening to music from different artistes and attending churches, seminars and symposiums.

He could only remember easily that his mother was not behind him at all in going back to school because of the trades he had learned. She wanted him to face making money, driving and doing aluminum or electrical jobs. But he had made up his mind to never turn back, though he love his mother but he had learn the lesson of his life through his past experiences and that of others. That parent can bring you to the earth but when you are of age you are on your own to make the right decision for distinction and only with God you must brave the right road.

Being able to go to school was the happiest thing in his life and a greater achievement was his expanding talent. The school transformed his whole idea of thinking, and brought him in contact with what he needs to be as a man.

He had been a comfort and a shoulder to all who need his help without collecting a penny from them; he would teach courses they do not understand, narrating and answering their hard questions. Always in the lecture room, and whenever he could not understand a subject he would ask questions, collecting books from other sources concerning his course, and never bringing any book or jotter during examination days but pen, and making the best mark or score in the school. He was always there for all in the school at all times to learn, to teach and to make an impact in helping others, leaving behind his own problems.

So many girls looked up to him and wanted his friendship, guys too really did like him due to the fact of them being able to get his help whenever they need it, but some still hated him.

Many of the girls wanted a far more reaching relationship with him but he was not unwilling to give it, he was only dillydallying because he had not found what he was really searching and praying for. He believes in the reciprocal love in all things, and anyone who can not be that is not worth his love.

Coming from a polygamous home with the ups and downs he had coped with gave him the scare of double dating; the pains of his mother then, the mistrust of the father, the stepmothers and children with lies and negative words of discord that he had breathe. Lies can never be and was never his way of wooing beauties.

Once he thought he had found love in school, he met a beauty named Poised. She was there for him in some ways, getting him a seat beside her whenever he comes late for lectures; they were often seen together talking, making fun and doing the school assignment together, though he was always the one to help both out in such areas, he never mind, for he believes he learns more anytime he teaches others. In the process of time things started to dwindle between them, for other girls too came for his help, though he tried to make her understand no matter what may be, she alone remains the sun in his life, yet she could not take it. To sum it all up she had to tell him a lie that she already have a baby for someone else before coming to the school, hoping he will let go and flow without her in his life. But he just told her that a baby is not a disease, and if she is not married to the father there is no problem between them (for she had told him that the father left her). He had hoped they could both still continue to lug along but she would not hear of such from him which led to the dissolving of their friendship. Though it hurt him yet what could he do; he had to let go, making her his friend after a lot of persuasion from her friends.

There problem was not that she could not really get to understand him in the areas of helping others out in school. He tried making her understand the truth about his life but it was taken up by deaf ears. All in all, what pained him most was she talking about their problem with her friends while he was still searching for a way to resolve things between them. He had believed that nobody was there when they had met and nobody ought to be called to settle whatever problem they might have; and if they are both matured to start such a relationship, they need to be more matured in settling their problems themselves.

They could not really yoke together like before but stand cubing all that dote them by in the school because her mind could not be changed, though he loved her.

He was a man giving to understanding, living with all odds and forgiving at all times, never hoping for enemies; though he knew they exist, he never look there, believing that God is in control. He taught many to be good writers in the school, creating an atmosphere for others to become poets and writers.

The life he lived was paved with prayers, doubting nothing; and the use of the time at his disposal. Although sometimes he did procrastinate before doing the right things, it’s merely because he loves to pray and plan aright in all things before he could embark on it.
I guess this story needs looking into:….From my blog:

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  1. hmm,I’m beginning to wonder if you’re a saint,seems like all ur life you’ve been too good,hope I’m not wrong,lotta typos and I believe you wanted to write ”the problem” at where you wrote ”there problem”.
    You are a wonderful person.

  2. @ gretel…Thanks…life is a hard nut sometimes…we just have to follow our ways right…U were right in them typos…been long since I wrote this…just wanted to see how it goes out here….It is well….

  3. Not saying all the girls here but, two? Good stuff. Think it kinda read like a poemy prose. Or was it only me that noticed that?

  4. @ Jaywriter…Thanks,….well, u are right its written in prose-poem way…Just wanted to see how it goes when I first wrote it but kept it away too long until now….

  5. Hmm….no comment indeed!!!

  6. @ Seun…it is well…Thanks….

  7. No jumping fence, yelling, or just plain ‘f**k off’?! I agree with Gretel – you have been too good. We all need a little badness or mischief to make life a bit more interesting.

  8. It seems all have been said.This needs a little more attention t1.

    Well done!!!

  9. @ Lade…Well, some of us gets the hard nuts in and others don’t….being too good might work for those who had gone through bugs all their life and don’t want to offer same to others they meet on their way up….Thanks for the comment…you are right, we need some badness….

    @ Lawal…Thanks…I guess whatever is missing is all that I am looking for in here….

  10. very nice bro

  11. Thanks…Just being me…

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