May I love again?

May I love again?

Love turned sour

Your love was the milk of my life
Nourishment for my happiness
Like cheese – sweetened, pure and tender
Honey to my tongue.
But all I drink now are stale memories
That sets my teeth on edge
Bleeding from biting into life’s hard vanity.

New dawn of love

Your face so lovely…
looms like the moon in my hope’s night
Where the sun of romance has long set
And the vermin of doubt an ugly shadow casts.

Your eyes so disarming…
Like a crystalline stream paves a clear path
Through the dense woods of my defenses
As I peer into it’s sparkling promises.

The sweetness of your laughter…
Like echoes from paradise, makes my heart leap
Like a bird, free – that had been trapped in a cave-in
And now I’m hoping the dawn of love breaks for me again.

©Tee Akindele (

19 thoughts on “May I love again?” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. Bros Tee,surething,u will love again cos di lines in ur 2nd,3rd and last stanza can threaten a nuns vow!Love the smooth diction and nature imageries.Will read it again and again cos Tee,this clicks!

    1. Thanks Mr Charles, I’m glad you think it clicks. LOL… about the nuns vow.

  2. Tee, honestly if I were a girl, you are not going anywhere, Allah….

    You have wowed us again, the imagery in this made me wishing it was longer…..

    Well done!!!

    1. LOL… Thanks Oga mi, Your words are full of encouragement

  3. Very lovely, especially the imagery. (If only you could teach @Gretel‘s in-law to write me such beautiful poetry *sigh*)

    1. Emm Big sis,tell my In-law not to fall my hand,else he’ll pay with a cow,12 tubers of yam and a keg of fresh palm wine.
      Oya tell him to contact Tee ASAP for online lectures,if he can’t write it he should say it,ohhhhh,in fact I’m coming over,seems like…
      Till I come

    2. Thank you Lade. LOL on the subject of gretel’s in-law, I know there are many ways to a woman’s heart, I doubt if poetry is the only path to Lade’s, I’m sure the man will find a more convenient route. :D

  4. Love, love and love….This is another interesting poem….U really had me going, trying to make more word of it…Ur love will stay!

    1. I’m glad you think so bro. Thanks

  5. Well, @lade-a, anyone who muses the kinda things gretel’s inlaw muses, must be a good poet too, in writing, words and deeds. That sigh na normal female sigh oh. Good poem Tee. Loved the transition. And the dawn of love?, will surely break tomorrow. Good one.

    1. Yes, surely! Thanks, I’m glad you think the poem is good too.

  6. Tee,I love this ehnn,wish t’was longer,I was smiling and reading and smiling and reading then it ended.
    I’m ”stealing” this one.
    Sad thing you’re not my in-law,mtchewww.
    You rock

    1. Now I’m wishing it were longer too, but I’m glad you like it. Thanks number one *wink*

  7. Lol@Opeyemi’s comment!
    Tee, this is awesome. I really like. You seriously never cease to amaze me.

    1. I’m glad you think it’s good, and you never cease to encourage me. :) Thanks Remi

  8. not bad, pretty good.

  9. You had better be working on that anthology thingy. Man, you good!

  10. Thanks for the compliment scopeman.

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