Little Girl Across the Street

Little Girl Across the Street

I wonder if she dreams when she sleeps – that girl across the street.
And if she dreams I wonder what she sees
Recollections of the day perhaps?
No, I hope not; for that would no longer be a dream but a nightmare.
The endless and relentless energy-sapping tasks and chores – fetching water with a bucket almost twice her weight,
Racing across crazy crowded streets with large sized bags as if trying to beat deadlines she dared not fail to meet
The beatings, the scolding, the endlessly flowing streams of humiliation which wash away her chance of a normal day, ever-rushing from dusk to dawn with no reprieve.
Rare idle moments spent glancing at other kids her age – well dressed, lovingly chaperoned by proud looking parents and treated like real children and not lifeless work tools
Moments right before she hears the screams which once again summon her to another round of suffering
I really wonder if she dreams when she sleeps – that girl across the street.
And in her dreams I hope that she is happy – that little girl across the street

I wonder at my anger when I see her – that girl across the street.
And in my anger, I wonder if no-one else sees what I see
Maybe they can’t see her through that oversized vest that serves as her sole piece of clothing
Maybe her funny hair all dishevelled and bunched up into tiny dots makes her anonymous
Maybe she is making some sort of recompense for a previous existence
Maybe it’s all part of a grand divine design, that has bequeathed little beginnings on her so as to make her future story a marvel to the hearing
But my anger does nothing to change the circumstances of her subsistence
And she passes by me one more time – that girl across the street.
And as she passes, I wonder at the impotence of my anger – unable to help that little girl across the street.

I silently pray that she dreams when she sleeps – that girl across the street
At least to escape from the cruelty of the world in which she leaves
I hope that in her dream she wakes up to a world of pure sunlight on a bed of roses to the sweet aroma of a good meal
I pray that in her dream she knows how it feels to love and be loved in return.
I pray that in her dreams she finds a reason to smile, a reason to dance and a reason to be the child that she really is
Again she quietly makes her way back into the prison she calls home
I silently pray that she dreams when she sleeps – that girl across the street
That someday, she will wake up from her morbid reality to find that it was only a nightmare – that little girl across the street.

23 thoughts on “Little Girl Across the Street” by lceasar (@lceasar)

  1. A very message. This is good. You painted the life of this little girl perfectly. Also like the way you tried to probably justify why her situation is the way it is. Could work as a song probably done by Asa.

  2. A very good message.

  3. WOW
    I’m tripped and greatly impressed by this piece.
    the way it was told makes me think the girl is one of the common phenomenom we call ‘house girls’, most of them underage.
    love the message too.

  4. Thanks guys, really appreciate ur work on this site.

  5. Glad u do, its same as we appreciate yours.
    Hoping to see more soon.

  6. Too many of these sad little girls on out streets, unfortunately. Nice Piece Iceasar. Just like Jaywriter, I particularly like the part where you tried to find some possible justification for her situation.

  7. WOW!
    I’m downloading this and saving it.
    I love how you tried to make sense out of a situation that defies explanation.
    Unfortunately, there are too many Girls across our street whose realities are our nightmares.
    You are so talented.

  8. @Tee thanks bro @ lade am humbled and encouraged.thanks guys

  9. Liked the hard drips of compassion here,only hope we can mk this world a lot rosy 4 children.We must say no 2 (girl) child abuse.Strong message.

  10. This one so touched me,I wish I could see her,I hate kids being subdued to all these and I would do anything to liberate them even if I’m also a ???
    Good work,read more like musings.I love it

  11. Charles and Gretel, thanks for taking out time to read and appraise

  12. Now this is very good poetry, and I’m not mincing words!! When poetry can create images and take me to the world of the poet persona, then I SALUTE!!!

    this is very good Iceasar.

    well done!!!

  13. Well done, this is simply amazing! Great writing!

  14. Nice piece Iceaser….but I am thinking it’s all to laid out for the reader and it’s bereft of mystery. You should try layering your words, using metaphors….

  15. Thanks Ld, would really appreciate if u could elaborate further

  16. So what if its laid out?! The beauty of this piece is in it’s graphic detail. If you had to struggle through layers of metaphors and subliminals…half the purpose and intended effect would be lost. This is reality – stark naked and gritty. I would have it no other way.

    This is beautiful man. Had a small issue with the construction – felt some of the lines were too long, but the message is clear and detailed.

    Very well done.

  17. @seun…thanks bro…i agree with you on the lengthy lines, makes it look a little bit clumsy doesn’t it?But I guess that’s the challenge when you want to get everything out. Thanks for the feedback

  18. “At least to escape from the cruelty of the world in which she *leaves”. This line is from the last stanza. I guess you wanted to write ‘lives’. Aside that, great piece of poetry

  19.…av read d poem over and again and am surprised i didn’t notice the error….thanx for the observation and comment

  20. I doff my HART!!!
    Nice going.
    Touching, and bro…how u made it sink in so!!!
    Unfortunately, I don’t know if u still show….

  21. This is beautiful and very touching.
    I used to know a little boy across the street also and can relate to the writer’s experience…
    Since i don’t critique poetry i cannot find flaws or lapses,
    All I can say is Thank you and well done…

  22. thanks for the feedback guys..

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