Let’s Go Back

Let’s Go Back

SELFISH ME (Heb 13 v 1-3)
I give myself to the world freely
All I know and do for free
I find my comfort in helping all
But who buys my bubbling calls?

I gave my love to all but one
Yet in time selfish builds that
I am called selfish for loving throughout
Yet I know there’s a judge above

Never was I lazy in loving all
But this pines my heart to ball
I was created to build my time
But I die daily to be fine

It is beautiful it looks wonderful
What I have is not enough
It looks better than one at hand

Have you understood devil’s strategies?
To tempt to destroy future goods
Love dies for selfishness in chronologies
But to God many must only tray

Temptation will and must arise
But only discipline before helps all
Though in falling rising must twice
Everyone the process of perfection follows

One step and two many have failed
Allow not that loved to lead thought
But confer the word and sail
For in time you’re a savior


Daily poems: http://treasured1.wordpress.com/

11 thoughts on “Let’s Go Back” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Good poems as usual. As usual again, when’s the anthology coming out?

  2. Ditto Jaywriter.

  3. Good,very good poems.

  4. @ Jaywriter…I guess you’ll be amazed to get it sooner than thought upon…B4 the end of December in reality….Thanks for the comment…glad u like em….

  5. @ Lade…Thanks for the comment…

  6. @ gretel…glad you like em….THanks….

  7. Good poetry again, treasured1.The first one got me thinking…..

    Well done!!!

  8. Jaywriter has said it all
    you are cool bro

  9. @ Lawal…glad I could get u thinking…Thanks for the comment….

    @ Anderson…Got u hey…in time…thanks….

  10. mmmmm…very good. True message.

  11. @treasured1
    beautiful lines
    captivating my mind…

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