Let’s Dream Together.

Let’s Dream Together.

If dreams where made of plastic, we’ll just buy toys. That is just another way to say “Na Yam”. But the reality of things is that a significant percentage of police men we have today will not refuse the “statutory’’ =N=20 note (and if they do it because they only want you to give them more).

If most of them will not refuse =N=20, how will they refuse a =N=50,000 bribe? Huh! Is in their nature to collect this so called =N=20 like a public driver been harassed by the policeman, all because of just wants to collect the “statutory” =N=20.

Now come along with me as we journey into the dream world. I beg your permission to dream of what could be close your eyes but your minds eyes awake and let’s day dream for a while, imagine a public bus driver offering a policeman the statutory =N=20 and the officer quietly smiles and refuses the offer with dignity of a man of honor.

But the reality of things is that a significant percentage is that no one wants to be different but all goes with the saying or slogan “if you can’t beat them you join them” imagine the state of the nation today but not withstanding lets dream as if it was so.

Picture in your inner mind you just walk around the neighborhood down the street on one evening like that…we look forward to rely on NEPA to give us light 24/7 light so that the whole family will not have to line up the ironing board every time NEPA flashes us with light.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Dream Together.” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. This needs more work. Lots of punctuation errors and typos. Also seems to have ended rather abruptly. You wrote this in a hurry?
    I get the message though.

  2. too short
    could have been longer with more attention and details.
    ditto @Lade.

  3. I concur. You may need to work more on your delivery. I totally get your point but it wasn’t carefully stated and It ended abruptly.
    Will come out nice if you rework it.
    Well done.

  4. Okoh, I appreciate your imagination ( I read your poetry very well here) and this is the first fictional piece I’m reading from you.

    But seriously, you need to put in more work, so as to make your ideas shine through in their best form.

    Well done!!!

  5. all has been said Paul. Cheers!

  6. thanks guys a m so grateful ok

  7. you raised a lot of pertinent issues but this was definitely rushed.

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