Joy is not man made

Joy is not man made

Have you ever looked
Into an infant’s toothless smile
And felt something resonate
In your heart with hers
Something in you
That could be forever young;
Our sacred souls
That bear no age.

Have you ever felt
The anti-climax of passion
After the moment when time
Feels like eternity – an eternity
That is never enough
Making you know
That this life is not all –
That there’s more.

We have lost trail of the life we were created to master
we are enslaved; our happiness warped
By the life that we invented.
How I so want to stand
On a tall mountain’s pinnacle,
Breathe in the awe of nature’s excellency
And lose all civic cares
To the primitive wind.

All the world’s beauty, variety and species;
Brilliant flowers with thousands of fragrances;
A world of wonder that could never
Have been by accident
And joy that is not man made,
Can only be the elaborate gift
Of a gracious Creator’s making.

You may think of a world without God:
Think of a world with neither love nor soul;
A world were everything’s
Colored a single shade of gray;
Or a world without our taste-buds;
Perhaps a world where we all were of the same sex;
Where there are neither mountains nor valleys
And everything is just a plane;
Then we’d surely be needing science
And technology to keep us happy,
But there will be no imagination to inspire it.
Indeed, such a world could evolve from a big cosmic blast
And yes… in such a world God will not exist.

2010,  Tee Akindele (

15 thoughts on “Joy is not man made” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. I really really like this Tee,the message is clear,we don’t need all these science theories in our beautiful earth which was made by God,where was science when the earth was without form and void?now they rattle around with obscene theories of evolution,crap.
    I love the first stanza and the last so much.
    You good.

    1. Thanks gretel. The funny thing is the original first stanza is actually omitted, and I’m wondering how I made that mistake in my post. It’s also surprising too me that the omission is probably not so obvious.

  2. me love this…U got the swag here….nice combination of words….

    1. Glad you love it, Thanks Sir

  3. This is profound,lucid and didactic.Was positively tickled by the line’And lose all civic care/To the primitive wind.T’s well crossed.

    1. Thanks man, glad you seem to like it.

  4. A lovely poem. The omission you mentioned didn’t detract from it at all.

    1. and I’m happy about that friend

  5. You continue to wow us with very good poetry tee.

    The last stanza really did me in with this one

    Well done!!!

    1. Ah Oga mi! Very kind, thanks

  6. nice one Tee
    like it
    very simple

  7. Well I agree it’s very simple, thanks

  8. I love this poem. It packs one big punch, especially the end. Very nice.

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