I never called life a bitch!

I never called life a bitch!

Some have said that this bitch of a life
Requires to be mercilessly raped
That there is no eating her fruit
Except taking it by force.
Well, if they are right,
Then real men must soon be extinct
And only dogs will be truly alive.

Others say that we have to pay our dues
With works of virtue and only then
Might we court the graces of The Father of life
And be dealt by him the maiden’s favorable hand;
Then by God, Only wealthy men are truly righteous
And all who are suffering and poor in this life
Must be of vile and vicious scum?

So you ask, what is my own world view?
Well I try to love life, not to take things too personally.
We are all answerable, first to our conscience,
But ultimately to The Father whom I trust
For His good will which gives me daily gratitude.
I treat life gently, but boldly, like I’d treat a woman;
I give what is demanded of me and pray to God
She doesn’t repay me with bitchy coins.
Of debating whether she’s
A devout mate or a whoring bitch I care little,
All I know, life can be a great teacher
Even when she’s bitchy about consequences;
Whichever way she deals,
She bends to The Father’s bidding.
Then again, I take it with peace that this time, she’s passing
And I’d rather busy my fancy with uncovering the skirts
Of a more promising eternity.

©Tee Akindele (http://poetry.tee-akindele.com)

20 thoughts on “I never called life a bitch!” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. Okay. Really really the concept of the poem. Really interesting. My favorite line turns out to be a line I didn’t think should be in this poem. ‘I treat life gently, but boldly, like I’d treat a woman’. Very good poem in all.

    1. Thanks Jaywriter, glad you liked the poem in all, you didn’t say why you thought it shouldn’t have that your favorite line though, perhaps I added it just for you. :)

  2. This is good Tee.I like the philosophical edge it has to it.Methinks we are here to learn, impact and evolve…..

    @ Jaywriter: I know that anything with the word ‘woman’ will be your fave line…..lol

    1. Thanks bro, I’m glad the approach managed to pass :)

  3. aaah Lawal,you seem to know my bros very well,he has a thing for women.
    Tee Tee,to say I like this poem is wrong misuse of thoughts,I love it.
    Sth with wisdom.

    1. Ever supporting gretel, glad you found some wisdom in between those lines, thank you again.

  4. you are good at what you do Tee
    i like this poem and its philosophical tone.
    well done.

    1. Thanks bro, glad you like the poem

  5. Anyone else notice the play of words? Eg – ‘And I’d rather busy my fancy with uncovering the skirts Of a more promising eternity.’ lol.
    Very lovely!

    1. Thank you Lade, I’m glad those parts were not lost on you guys. :)

  6. @Lade, noticed same. Even read that part again and again.
    Tee, lovely as usual.

    1. Thanks Abby, I appreciate that.

  7. Nice one…and good use of words in there…kudos to you…U sure did have a philosophical one here I’ll say….

  8. Tee, my brother from another mother, this was deeeeep. I’m not surprised, just awed as I always am when reading you.
    Great poem, well done.

    1. Awww, dear sister glad you liked this one too, thanks for the encouragement.

  9. ‘Uncovering the skirts”…Beautiful!
    I think this is a very intelligent poem. Well done!

  10. Oh thanks berry, I’m glad you think so :)

  11. Exceptional poem, the combination of words were quite accurate.

  12. I’m glad you think so scopeman

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