Fantasies of happiness

Fantasies of happiness

The way exotic fragrances pervade a rose garden’s air
The way a brilliant yellow adorns the sun flower fair
The way birds chirping high pitched melodies crown the break of new day
and how the colors of the rainbow further brighten a sunlit sky.

Is the way sweet memories pervade the sound of your name pronounced
Is the way your beauty adorns my thoughts when on you focused
Is the way wisdom and piety crown all your comeliness
and how the thought of spending my life with you brightens my fantasies of happiness.

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17 thoughts on “Fantasies of happiness” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. Tried reading one line from the first stanza and then one line from second stanza, kinda came out sweet that way too. Good poem. The title fits the content perfectly.

    1. Ah! That’s an alternative way to lay it out actually, I really can’t say why I decided on this arrangement though, I’m glad you think it’s good. Thanks Jaywriter.

  2. This poem reads like a song of joy, peace and hapiness, i felt them in every line.
    well done.

      1. you are welcome bro

  3. It’s a rosy poem, tender and soft. Some of the rhymes don’t seem to fit though, perhaps that’s intentional. Good one

  4. Thank you Iceasar. You are right about the rhymes.

  5. Lovely poem. Sweet and heart tugging.
    I go love o! Lol.

    1. Feel free to love kitty-Lade… and your sweet comment is tugging at my heart.

  6. Tee,you’ve done it again,I’m your #1 fan.
    Ahum,btw you should dedicate this one(grinning)

    1. Dear Gretel(grinning more widely this time), since you mentioned it, I should be dedicating it to you for the support… obviously! After-all, it’s girls like you that make guys write stuff like this. :)

      1. @gretel, I mean fantastic girls and fantasy-stuff.

      2. Oh my,now you’ve made my head swell too big,me fantastic girls that makes guys write lovely stuff like this,I’m grinning from jaw to jaw.
        Thanks dear,as usual I’m blushing

  7. Tee am sure William Blake,enunciator of the Romantic tradition that is,the influence of nature on man and the rest of poets of the league will be hailing this work to high heavens.Me too!

    1. That puts you on the grand stands with those Legends Charles… Very biggy thanks for the encouragements.

  8. I wonder how I missed this Tee. Loved the arrangement to high heavens.

    Well done!!!

  9. Thanks Bro, I’m glad you found it.

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