Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities



I wake up

And greedily inhale lungfuls

Of the crisp clear air

That prepares me

For everyday’s vicissitudes.


And I ponder

Just for a while…


Can I slouchingly surmount

The steep slopes of the Everest,

Slopes that mere mortals

Watch with bated breath?


Can I harness the albatross

And with you soar great heights

Into yet discovered worlds,

Worlds that only exist

In the mind’s eye of poets?


Can I lie alongside you

Under the cool breeze

Of the orange tree,

The sweet scent

Of the ripening fruits

As the tinder

Fuelling the flames

Of our love eternal?



I can.

I can walk

With a confident swagger,

In sure steady princely gait,

Like I have the world

On a platter,

If only you were by my side!

18 thoughts on “Endless Possibilities” by Lawal Opeyemi Isaac (@easylife2)

  1. She lying by my side under the orange tree, that’ll be very wonderful. Right? Yea this night. Shay? Good work. Love it.

    1. Thanks Jay, glad you liked.

  2. Really beautiful poem Lawal, this love is a strong thing!

    1. Indeed o Tee, if only the lady was by the poet persona’s side…..

      Thanks for stopping by,glad you think it is beautiful.

  3. Thinking of tales by the moon light…A lovely poem to think of in situation when love truly is standing by with one….Me like….

    1. Thanks t1.i always appreciate when you stop by.

      Glad you liked.

  4. very good one Lawal
    love the word play and the creativity
    well done bro.

    1. Thanks Anderson.i appreciate your stopping by all the time.

  5. ‘and the greatest is love’. I guess love is the wind we need beneath our wings.
    Beautiful poem!

    1. lade, you alway flatter me so!

      Thanks for stopping by, once again.

  6. @Lawal-Loved the extra-textual possibilities of the lines’…The steep slopes of the Everest’.Could it be a womans curves?My elevation came with the lines ‘…Can I harness the albatross/And with you soar great heights/Into yet undiscovered worlds.Well knit.Elsewhere,in the line ‘…The sweet scent/Of the ripening fruits/As the tinder…’,the use of ‘tinder’ in the sense of to kindle is not clear giving that the action of ‘ripening fruits’ may not be possible with meaning of ‘tinder’i.e,anything that burns easily,used to start fires,which certainly u don’t imply.Hope u read my meaning.There’s no doubting the power of a real woman,yea it springs a…’Confident swagger’.I see!!!!!!!

    1. Charles, I must thank you for taking time to read between the lines.The use of tinder is just figurative, if you get what I mean….

      Your point is duly noted, would hunt for a better word and might just substitute it.

      Thank you very much!!!

  7. OkAY…okay!!!!

    You some genius.

    1. My presido,GENIUS bawo? it seems you and lade have conspired to continuously flatter me.

      I’m glad you like. And please i’m still waiting for your comment on my last post, the short story titled It’s not that easy.

      1. No vex…i haven’t been here…

        I go read am NOW.

  8. If only you were by my side….
    Nice, sweet poem!
    well done, i really like!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Remi.

      Glad you liked.

  9. @easylife2

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