Dance for hope

You live in a complicated world,
And unlike your feelings,
You don’t own it or control it.
Life has it’s music – a wild orchestra
With happenstance seemingly falling in and out of line;
Sometimes, it’s checkered tune is insufferable
And the passing of time may seem a miserable monotony.
So, maybe now you don’t like the music life is playing,
Perhaps it makes your heart heavy or your spirit low;
Your thoughts are confused and you are weary of brainstorming;
Really, I can understand.
Your gifts and dreams are screaming, but the world hasn’t noticed;
You need a break, but luck looks away again and again.
No need to feel lonely, I am your man.
Take my hand. Now, let’s listen to hope’s melody
Come along, if you’ll dance with me.

Your mind is a vast asset
Of priceless real estate –
You are richer than we’ll ever know.

There’s so much space, so much for hope!
I’d love to get in your head, let’s dance in your shoes,
Take my hand and come away.
The beating of the heart is the music of hope.
Close your eyes and open your mind,
Can’t you feel the music baby?
Come on! loose yourself, snap off the weight,
Find your wings and let’s take a flight.
There’s a silver lining in the sky –
My gift to you on this our date.
The world may not stand still to watch
Yet, let us this moment our happiness consummate
Everything else will have to wait
Come on my dear, dance for hope!

©Tee Akindele

18 thoughts on “Dance for hope” by Tee Akindele (@teez)

  1. you are a very good writer

  2. Like the flow. And the glow. And the hope. Good one man. A knight to his lady? Or a helper to a helpee?

  3. I guess either goes bro, I’m glad you liked it, thanks a great deal.

  4. Tee, I like the feel of hope in this poem. then you laced it ever so subtly with the ‘hero’ kinda theme.
    I really love this.
    and I ditto IBK!

    1. Glad you love it Remi, Thanks

  5. Nice flow to this…The dance of hope and living in patterned step for time…a dream untold but its golden…what a flight….

    1. Yeah, What a flight! Thanks Man!

  6. beautiful poem tee
    love the flow to a tee.

    1. LOL, Thanks… Your comment definitely has the flow

  7. Very sweet, Tee A. Reads like music.

    1. Well I hoped to make you join the dance, Thanks Lade

  8. I ditto IBKinx,no more no less,u are a good writer.Tee dis left me soaring.If she gets dis out-of-the-world treat on a date,what will happen when its time for ‘dotted lines’?Lol.U’ve just won my ‘Lord Romeo’ awards!Meet ur muse 4 ur prize!

    1. And you are far too generous Charles, thanks for the compliments

  9. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    This is encouraging..
    I like..

    1. Thanks, too cute for me :)

  10. loved the message of hope Tee.

    This is good, seriously.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Bro. I’m glad you think it’s good.

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