Dance Club

Dance Club


(A setting like a secondary school’s social hall, on the podium holding a microphone is a student, the social prefect. Audience applauding)

Folashade Thompson: Wasn’t that very entertaining? (Audience still clapping) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are the best audience one could ever have. A round of applause for yourselves. (Audience applauded). Alright, the last presentation is by a crew we all know, they are very energetic, entertaining, I could go on and on. Ladies and Gentle men! The stage bombers. (Audience Applauding)
( after the dance presentation by two girls and a guy)

Folashade Thompson: That was tremendous. I thought I saw the stage explode but it’s a miracle, I am standing on it. (She bends to touch the floor and immediately removes her hand, moving it like a pendulum) Hot. (To the stage bombers). That was amazing guys, keep it up.

(Somewhere in the audience)

Kate Bashorun: whatever. This shade exaggerates a lot.

Adeola Aiyedokun: Kate you have started again. Can’t you stop being a hater for once and…………..

Kate Bashorun: (interrupting) Please……………………
(Folashade leaves the stage and Mrs. Adeniji, the principal mounts the stage)

Mrs. Adeniji: You all have done a very good job. Kudos. (Students screaming and making all kinds of noise)(Smiling) Now we have gotten to moment we all have been waiting for. Mr. Chairman, can you join me on stage, please. (After a minute) Thank you.
The prefects for the next section are……………..before that, can I have the ex-prefect or the prefects retiring any moment from now on the stage, please? I want you all on a line facing the audience. Thank you.
(After about two minutes)

Mr. Chairman: I am glad that…………………………..
(Somewhere in the congregation)

Nwosu Mike: Na wa o, Is it speech they ask him to com an be giving naw.

Mr. Chairman: ….……the position of the utility prefect goes to…………

Mrs. Adeniji: Bolaji Folayan (Audience applaud)

Mr. Chairman: The position of the health prefect boy goes to……..

Mrs. Adeniji: Mike Nwosu
(Audience Applaud while two girls amongst the audience jump up as the boy sitting between them goes to the stage, it was the stage bombers)

Mr. Chairman: The girl is ……….

Mrs. Adeniji: Kedu Olumba (audience applaud)
(Other positions were called)

Mr. Chairman: The positions of the social prefect boy and girl are…………………..

Mrs. Adeniji: Kolade Azeez and Holland Susan (audience Applaud while one of the stage bombers knelt with her hands raised towards the ceiling then she got up and went on stage.
(Somewhere in the audience)

Kate Bashorun: I can’t believe this, that position is meant for me. Why should I lose to her every time?

Adeola Aiyedokun: Katy, she deserves it. Nobody is talking about you losing to her, because I know th…………….

Kate Bashorun: (interrupting) Oh please! Cut the Crap, okay?

Adeola Aiyedokun: (whispering) Reduce the tempo of your voice. Everyone is suspects
(Kate opens her mouth to speak but before she could talk Mrs Adeniji had announced the Assistant head boy and girl)

Mrs. Adeniji: Holland Sam And Fadokun Dapo

Mr. Chairman: the last set of prefects which we all know, lets hear it…………………

Audience: Head boy and Head girl.

Mrs. Adeniji: yes, those we also know as the senior prefect boy and senior prefect girl. They are……….. (A brief silence then the audience starts making noise)

Mrs. Adeniji: Mr. Morgan and I shall call out the names together.

Mr. Chairman &Mrs. Adeniji: Arthur James and Aiyedokun Adeola
( In the audience Adeola and Kate looked at each other surprised, the canned coke Kate was drinking fell from her hand. The sound from the contact of the can and the floor made Kate recover from her shock)

Mrs Adeniji: Aiyedokun Adeola come on stage, please. (As adeola sets to go)

Kate Bashorun: Come here, Sweetie. ( Adeola looked back and they hugged, Adeola leaves)(to herself)Can you imagine, Adeola is a prefect and you are nothing.(pauses) This can’t be right and you have got to fix it.

Mrs Adeniji : Thank you Mr. chairman you can have your sit, Please. Settle down, please. I would like to call on the ex-social prefect to call this occasion to a close. So let’s hear it for Folashade Thompson

Folashade Thompson: I am so happy but very sad. Sad because this is the last time I would stand on this stage to anchor a show like this but I am also happy because Susan is here to do more than I did next session. (Audience Cheering) Before we pray I would love to thank the Chairman of the occasion, the husband to the proprietress of the school, the principal, Mrs. Adeniji, all the members of the high table and everyone that made this occasion a success.
Let’s Pray. (After the prayer)Its time for Dance! Dance! Dance! I want you all to come on stage and drop it like its smoking real hot. Miss Holland Susan and Master Azeez Kolade join me on stage as we declare the dance floor open.(audience cheering)
(Shouting into the microphone) Till next term people

(Its resumption week, a Wednesday. In SS2 Arts. Mrs. Clarkson, a black American literature teacher stands in front of the class teaching. Some students are dosing, some listening, some…………)

Mrs. Clarkson: Wole Soyinka is one of the greatest writers in his and this generation and he ……………. (Interrupted by a voice at the door)

Anderson Peters: Excuse me

Mrs. Clarkson :( stepping out) Excuse me class. (To the boy) Yes, Can I help you? (Anderson hands her a paper)Alright Class!(the high tone of her voice made the sleeping students wake and everyone’s attention was focus on her) You have a new Student “peters Anderson”. A transferee from Gregory’s High School. (To Anderson who was already entering the class room) Enjoy your stay at Annabelle’s College.

Peters Anderson: (giving a fake smile) Thanks (he headed straight for the empty seat beside Holland Susan.
( Mrs. Clarkson Turned to the board to continue her teaching)

Peters Anderson: (To Susan) (smiling) Hi

Holland Susan :( To Anderson Smiling) Hello( the smile seized immediately she turned to face the white board)(Still facing the board she could see Anderson opening his mouth to talk)Don’t even think of saying anything, that chair was empty because the occupant, my best friend and dance partner is not around, so I would advise you to keep to your self.

Peters Anderson: Boy! That was so cold. I only wanted to comment on the fact that you are the social prefect.

Holland Susan: (Looking at him for the very first time since the y started talking) (Surprised)How on earth did you know, I am sure that you have not spent up to ten minutes in this entire compound and you already……………………( not sure of what to say)

Anderson Peters: (pointing to her chest) Your badge.

Holland Susan :( relieved and smiling) oh! (Looking at the badge)

Peters Anderson: Why is your notice board empty?
(Susan looks at the notice board hanging on the wall at the back of the class)

Peters Anderson: Not that one. The one hanging on the wall along the corridor, very close to the principal’s office. It shows how boring this School would be for me.

Holland Susan: For crying out loud, we just……………………..( the bell for lessons period over went) resumed.

Peters Anderson: What’s the bell for?

Holland Susan: lessons over. Time for “extra curriculum activities”.

Peters Anderson: Tell me the clubs you have.

Holland Susan: Literary and Debating Club, Press and news crew, cultural and drama club, red cross , conservation, jets club………………

Peters Anderson: (interrupting) you?

Holland Susan: (packing some books into her bags) Don’t even ask, I am the social prefect, I can go to any club I want but to stick with one Press and News Crew.

Peters Anderson: Not bad but still boring.

Holland Susan: What club were you attending in your school?
Peters Anderson: (laughing) me? I scale Clubs for dancing in the school’s gym

Holland Susan: (Excited) Your School has a gym?

Peters Andreson: Sure, Don’t you have one here?

Holland Susan: Nah. So what club are you going to so that I can show you your meeting point because you can’t scale club activities for da……………………. (Excited)What! You dance? Can you really dance? Oh My Gosh! (She looked at her wrist watch immediately and noticed that they were seven minutes late and the class was deserted)

Peters Anderson: yeah, a very good dancer.( As soon as she leaves he follows her quickly because she was walking fast)

(As they walked out of the class, Kate Bashorun and Aiyedokun Adeola were few steps behind them

Bashorun Kate: …………..… oh Please! Don’t give me that Crap.

Aiyedokun Adeola: You are too………………….

Bashorun Kateinterrupting) I thought Mike has not resumed. Whatever sha, this two would not kill us with their………………….

Aiyedokun Adeola: It’s not Mike jor

Bashorun Kate: Its true o, So who is the boy?

Aiyedokun Adeola: I don’t know but I saw him in the Principals’ office during the long break.

Bashorun Kate: Are you insinuating that he is a fresher?

Adeola Aiyedokun: Guess so I doubt if he is SS2.

Bashorun Kate: He is SS2 because I know Susan does not like juniors hanging around her, before they get to the club hall, let’s check him out.

(In front)

Holland Susan: Oh I forgot to tell you, our clubs are divided into the social clubs and departmental clusbs, and because we just resumed, we are starting with the departmental clubs this week, then next week would be social clubs and it keeps rotating like that.

Peters Anderson: (grins) Wonderful indeed.
(Kate and Adeola overtakes them)

Bashorun Kate:Hi Susan, I can see that you’ve gotten yourselves a new friend. I also heard Mike and Ronke are not coming back, init? My Bad. (Turns to Adeola) Did I just say my bad? (Turns back to face susan) Not really, Its actually (points at her) your bad.(Adeola and Kate giggles, She turns to Anderson) Welcome to Annabelle’s. I run Annabelle’s(Adeola gave Kate a disgust look) So I Advice that this is the last meeting we have.( She turns to leave as Adeola follows but suddenly turns back to face Anderson) Make sure you don’t step on my toes, buddy.

Aiyedokun Adeola: Have a nice day, Susan.
( They leave)

Peters Anderson: ( frowning but trying to control his temper)Who are they? She especially (pointing at Kate)

Holland Susan: Never mind, just don’t be intimidated by her, Kate is always like that whenever she is not in a good mood.

Peters Anderson: I am not a Kid, just tell…………………..

Holland Susan: (interrupting) we are late. We are going to the Art forum. Oops! I forgot to tell you, Mrs. Clarkson is our Club Co-Coordinator.

Peters Anderson: (face drops) Boy!

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  1. Hmmmn!
    Reminds me of my secondary school.

  2. Watch out for your formatting. Tenses also. The secondary school feel was there all the same. Good one.

    1. I’m very sorry
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  3. lol, nice
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  4. Something drew me to this one and I enjoyed reading.Not really a sucker for screenwriting, but liked this one.

    Waiting for the next part.

    Well done!!!

  5. Thank you, Sire

  6. well done dear. this attempt was commendable. shows you can do a lot with your writing skills.
    the story gives the secondary school feel and i could easily identify with it. you are stamping your presence here on NS. well done ma’am

    my only grouse is with the structure and diction. do a little research on stage language. i will suggest that you read some of @emmanuella ‘s posts

    also, the names of the characters is joined with the dialogues and the descriptions are kind of too many:
    My Bad. (Turns to Adeola) Did I just say my bad? (Turns back to face susan) Not really, Its actually (points at her) your bad.(Adeola and Kate giggles, She turns to Anderson) Welcome to Annabelle’s. I run Annabelle’s(Adeola gave Kate a disgust look) So I Advice that this is the last meeting we have.( She turns to leave as Adeola follows but suddenly turns back to face Anderson) Make sure you don’t step on my toes, buddy.

    try to space the dialogue and put the direction in block quotes :

    My Bad. [Turns to Adeola] Did I just say my bad? [Turns back to face susan] Not really, Its actually [points at her] your bad.[Adeola and Kate giggles, She turns to Anderson]

    1. shai (@shaifamily)

      You just spoke my mind right there.
      I love plays, but this one lost me after the first scene. It was tedious reading, without the proper spacings and all.
      I hope you will take into consideration the spacing most especially. All the descriptions can be done on a separate line, then you continue with the narration/dialogue in the next. Nothing with the story in itself, just the structure that deals it a fatal blow!

    2. Thanks a lot, you have been of help.
      i’d make i remember the next time i am writing a screen play.

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