A Woman’s Ode to Loss

A Woman’s Ode to Loss

You have come again
I know there’s going to be pain
Have you come to please
Or to tease?
Whenever you are around
My heart begins to pound.
As I lose myself
Becoming a shadow of my self,
Revelling in your presence,
Drowning in your essence.

Fantasising, Dreaming
Wishing, Hoping
For when you will restore my name
And take away my shame.
Will you stay this time?
Please be mine………….

The first time you came
I named you,
The second time you came
I gave my heart to you,
The third time you came
I devoted my home to you,
The fourth time you came
I worshipped you,
The last time you came
I despaired of you!

I hate you, I love you
I want you, I despise you!
There can be no greater pain,
Definitely no gain
In the loss of a child.
I am now reviled……………

What is the use of a seed
If I cannot breed?
What is the use of a womb
That becomes a tomb?
What is the use of hope
If it will always elope?
Running away with faith
Leaving me to wait.
Savouring the bitter taste
Of self-hate!

Hoping, Praying
Mourning, Loathing!
I refuse to be consigned
To the scrapheap of the resigned.
My womb has failed me
But it has made a stronger me………….!

By Naijamum (COE)

Suffering a miscarriage has to be one of the most painful experiences a woman can ever go through. This poem arose from witnessing such loss – repeatedly!

22 thoughts on “A Woman’s Ode to Loss” by Naija Mum (@Naijamum)

  1. Sad story inspires a very good poem. Sorry to the woman. Kudos to the writer.

  2. I feel the Son in me rise meeen!
    Affliction Shall not rise again o, no matter how many times it has. None shall be barren! none!
    Nice poem.

  3. Naijamum (@Naijamum)

    Thanks for the lovely feedback.I’m glad to say that pain gave way to joy in the end.

    Amen. Amen to that. Thanks for your prayer

  4. sad and deep
    love every line
    no one should suffer this.

  5. Beautiful work, Naija Mum.

  6. Naijamum (@Naijamum)

    @ Anderson:
    Thanks for the feedback. I guess so may awful things cannot be explained

    Thanks for your comment. Hope to improve and learn from you guys

  7. I’m glad it’s given birth to joy, hence the name Naija mum :)
    Good work, may God keep what he has given us!

  8. ditto Jaywriter, Nice work Mum!

  9. Naijamum (@Naijamum)

    @Berry: Exactly. Thanks Berry – for the feedback and lovely prayer. Amen.

    @Tee: Thanks a mill

  10. your lines carry with them the depth of what the woman felt. Thank GOD for his faithfullness eventually. Good work!

  11. Naijamum (@Naijamum)

    Thanks Scopeman
    I’m glad the you could felt the emotions!
    Thanks for the feedback

    1. Naijamum (@Naijamum)

      ….oops – should have been ‘I’m glad that you felt the emotions’

  12. My favourite lines:

    What is the use of a womb
    That becomes a tomb?
    What is the use of hope
    If it will always elope?

    This is a really lovely poem, though it’s quite sad. I love the positive tone in the end. There’s always hope after all.

  13. Thanks Uche
    I really appreciate your comments
    I know its quite sad but truth is I only really write when I am moved.
    Thanks again

  14. Naijamum, I am not a woman, but i was unconsciously rubbing my belly when I was reading your poem! It was when I got to “But it has made a stronger me………….!” that I held both my hands in the air and almost shouted, “yeepy!” Only then, did I catch myself.
    The sudden glitter of hope given by the parting line made the poem cathartic. Good work created admirably out of experience.

    1. Aww…Thanks so much for the empathy!
      You must be an emotive person (refreshing to see in a man) *smile*
      Yes, this was a totally cathartic piece – borne out of a desire to claim victory over pain.
      I guess we all make a conscious decision to either become victors or victims of bad life experiences.
      Thanks again!

  15. the power in this leaves a prayer on my lips..may it not happen to any around me. this poem passes the message neatly and transfers the emotions in it to the reader. you did well

    1. Yes oh …May it NEVER happen to any around you.
      Glad the poem spoke to you.
      Thanks for the lovely comment

  16. No wonder your poems are so moving….truely there is always a difference when writers write cos they are moved by an experience, a thought, or a sight, etc. Thanks for this lovely one.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment
      Unfortunately/ fortunately, I am one of those that write/draw only when I am facing challenges. LOL
      Thanks again

  17. Wow. I have some friends I would love to read this too..with your permission of course.

    I think a miscarriage is so painful…but the ability to move on after such hurt is truly what makes a difference.

    Nice one Mum.

  18. shai (@shaifamily)

    Oh dear, oh dear!

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