A Different World!

A Different World!

“You are doing absolutely great. We’ll be here in a month’s time waiting for you.” I smiled and looked at my husband.

“Ready for the ride again honey?” I asked. He smiled his response and turned to engage the Doctor in a conversation. I watched as Timmy, our 3year old son played with my enlarged tummy and I sighed in relief. I had spent too much time worrying and now I wondered if it had been worth it. Its been four and a half years since I last had that feeling; since I last sighted one of them; since…

*                                                                                                                                   *

It was a windy night; the sort that would otherwise have calmed my raging nerves but I couldn’t sit still. Timmy was already in bed and Fela my husband was in a playful mood; one that much as I loved him, I didn’t quite appreciate. Something was wrong and it wasn’t a pregnancy induced mood, as Fela thought. It was that creepy feeling again. Oh God, just when I thought I had finally gotten some respite.

“Come to bed dear” Fela called as I stood by the window. I peered out cautiously. I couldn’t tell him what I thought could be wrong.

“I’ll be right back” I said as I moved in a flash downstairs to check the locks of the doors. I thought I heard Fela mumble something about pregnant women and swinging moods but I was past caring. If they ever found us, my family would be their leverage against me.

The doors were all locked but I still couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling. My instincts are quite accurate so I knew trouble was near. I relaxed a bit when I heard the whistle of the neighborhood security and wished they caught whoever was out there, but even I knew that was unlikely. Anyone on my trail would have to be the very best; top of the pack. It only had to be ‘Digger’ and I cringed as I remembered his ugly sneer.

I walked back to the window and in my agitation, did not pull the blinds. I was lost in thought at the possible repercussion of discovery, the loss of my family. Then one of the security men shone the powerful beam of his torch across the house and it flickered across my face, I shrinked into the room and decided to call it a night.

I lay in bed for a long time with the dreadful feeling lingering but eventually, I fell asleep.


A shadow slinked out of the darkness and in full view of the window. The man looked back at the security men as they went on down the road and brought out a phone. He dialed a number and waited awhile for the call to be answered.

“I found her.”

He cut the call and slinked back into the darkness with an ugly sneer on his face.

*                                                                                                                                             *

“Chinda, where are you? You were supposed to get home minutes ago?”

“So sorry dear, saw some baby things I couldn’t quite pass up. Really lovely stuff.”

“Don’t we already have more than we or even the baby needs? You shouldn’t be this active at this stage of the pregnancy, you know that right? Get here soon okay. You have visitors waiting.”

“Ok hon, will be there in another 30 minutes. Visitors? Who are they?”

“Well, the elderly gentleman says he’s your Father and he’s got some other men with him.”

My heart literally stopped when I heard that. Suddenly, I felt defeated. I wanted to end it all right then but I thought of Fela and Timmy and I realized I wasn’t going to give up without a fight. Goodness, he found me!

“Hello Chinda? Are you still there? Hello!”

“Yes, I’m on my way home now. Keep Timmy away from all of them, okay. Please just do that. I’ll explain later.”

That was the day I literally cursed Governor Fashola and his bike restriction in Lagos State. I needed to get home in a hurry and the roads were characteristically blocked. As a visibly pregnant woman, no bike man was willing to give me a ride, irrespective of how high I was willing to pay.

I got home soon enough, about 45 minutes after and sure enough there was ‘Father’ in my living room; and Digger and Scarface and some other nobodies. I glanced around, taking in their faces one after the other. I recognized one; the idiot I had seen about 7months after I ran away. He was a youngster and newly recruited but now had the gall to look me in the eye. He looked away when I faced him squarely. I walked to him and spat out, “You are in my house; show some respect.”

Then I heard ‘Father’ smile and I turned to him. He’d aged considerably since I saw him last; 5 years ago now. I know I am partly responsible for his present looks. He loved me; I was the ‘chosen’ one after all. Digger was my twin but I was the one ‘Father’ wanted and nobody could have doubted why.

Fela, meanwhile, was watching the scenario playing out in front of him in silence. My story was that I never knew my family and so he was quite surprised. He apparently didn’t expect the sort of reaction playing out. He probably expected hugs and kisses and tears amid plenty of laughter but the scene in front of him was anything but that. Also, while Father could have easily passed for my Dad, age wise anyway, the other idiots in the room couldn’t have worked with the ‘brothers’ tag.

“Honey, please take Timmy upstairs and stay with him too.” I pleaded with my heart in my eyes as I spoke and he silently turned and walked out of the room. I owe my husband a lot of explanation and I hope to still be alive to tell it.

I turned back to face the room and directed my glare at ‘Father’. “What are you doing here?”

“My dear, that is no way to greet your own father, is it now?”

“You are not my father” I screamed and suddenly being aware that Fela and Timmy could hear me, I lowered my voice and repeated, “You are not my father; never was and never will be.”

Father shrugged as he rose and walked to me “Well honey, I have spent 5years searching for you. I have spent money and deployed resources to find you. You have succeeded in evading us every single time but I am not surprised. You are after all the best of them all.”

“Get to the point.” I snarled. “I am also not coming back. I have a life now; one that I have every intention of killing to keep, if I have to.”

“Good. I see you still have the fire in you. There’s a covert operation I want you to be a part of.” I rolled my eyes as he spoke and suddenly he stopped and thundered; “Stop rolling your eyes at me child.” I pause at mid-eye roll: Father only used that tone when he got impatient with anyone. I looked down.

He walked to me and nudged me, “I’m sorry but I need you on this mission.”

“I have a family now. I can’t put them in danger. It’s not possible to up-and-run when it all goes to hell.”

“I can’t let you go. You are too dear to me but I can make you a proposition. I have to have someone that will take your place and he must be from you.”

I knew good news never followed this brood around. Blood and death were the results of their presence anywhere and yes, this was the crew I once ran with. Now he wants Timmy, my son.

“No, I can’t do that. Timmy’s 3years and that’s old by your books. Besides…

“Relax child, Timmy’s all grown up. He’ll be tough to handle and might keep crying for his Mommy. I don’t need that. I’m sure you understand.

That was when it dawned on me that the sick old man wanted my unborn child. I looked down at my bump and when my eyes met his again, he smiled in comprehension.

“I see you understand.” He said with a tone of finality “It’ll be just like when you first came to me. We’ll be back for him in two weeks.” With that, he walked towards the exit.

My attempt to plead was stunted by that statement. I stuttered as I had already begun to speak. Looking around the room, I could see that Digger and the others were stunned as well. There were murmurs of “two weeks” in the air. We knew why, ‘Father’ never gave anyone more than an hour to make up their minds -and making up your mind did not need your active participation; you were ‘offed’ if you didn’t cooperate- so two weeks was like giving me the opportunity to run, again. There had to be something I was missing.

As he neared the door, ‘Father’ said; “Digger will come get him. He’ll know where to find you.” Then they were all gone.

When ‘Father’ wanted to send a strong message, he sent Digger. Digger had always looked for a way to outshine me so here was his opportunity.

I couldn’t move long after I heard their vehicles roar away, and when I could, it was to lean on the wall. Myriad of thoughts raced through my mind; Was I to pack up and leave? What would I tell Fela is the cause of our moving house? Besides, the brood would be watching. It was folly to run. There was nothing to do save to wait. Then I heard footsteps approaching and I knew I had to face Fela and tell him the truth.

I pushed myself off the wall and my eyes fell on the calendar to my side. My head swam and my eyes blurred from what I saw. That was when it hit me; I was due in two weeks.

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  1. This is good abby. Now, what do you wanna write for NS? Nigerian ‘Salt’ me guess. Guess Genevieve’s going to play the Nigerian version of Angelina Jolie. Noticed one or two typos though. You got real talents oh. Wondering why you don’t write more often. Why?

    1. lol, we will have to title that one ‘pepper’ you know.

  2. Abby, you really should post stories more often. This is lovely. And the way you take the reader through the story to the end is brilliant.
    She should just kill Digger and the whole lot of them, abi?

  3. Abby, Abby! Now i can put a face to these well woven words! hehehe ;)
    Nice going dear. Vivid story.
    I ditto Jay, why na?

  4. lovely story Abby
    glad your muse is here to stay now, abeg keep them coming.

  5. Erm peeps, thanks oh but na time I no get.
    @Jay, this particular one has been sitting on my desktop for months before ‘SALT’ was common knowledge.
    @Remi, about the face thing; lol!

    1. Thank God say you don get time now
      wouldn’t want you taking those long breaks from writing again o.

  6. Brilliant! Brilliant!
    Well done.. I’m always excited when someone breaks out of the box.. Just the attempt to be different is enough to wow your readers! Keep writing :)

  7. Abby! This is awesome! This piece is nearly perfect. I’m really, really impressed by this endeavour, you are a brilliant writer.

  8. Vivid description. I’m off to read your other stories.

  9. Abby is on to a potentially superb thriller here, your story telling prowess is beyond doubt.
    Ehm, I have a question about the section where the security guard identified the MC through her open window, while she was asleep. I wonder if it doesn’t create a conflict with the first person POV used in the narrative.

  10. This is good abby, well worth the wait.

    I liked the suspense that pervaded the whole story, and can’t wait for the next part.

    Well done!!!

  11. I absolutely love thrillers and i love nigerian fiction. So my loving this is a no-brainer. It reminds me of Ludlum and i can picture a 400-paged-action-packed-epilogue! Are you ready? Lol!

    1. err… 400paged? *stuttering* not sure. lol

      1. Kai, @abby! :D U dey fear? Maka why eh?

  12. They’ve said it all my dear aunt,you totally rock.

  13. You definitely wrote like one of those popular foreign bestseller novelists, @abby. And you sort of ‘Nigerianised’ it. Nice try. Just re-read and re-write it to correct those typo errors, hm? I liked the picture you painted of your main character. You definitely gave me an idea of the kind of person she is, and you created pity with that. It’s good.

    So you mean this story has part 2, @abby? If so, tell the Admin to insert in the category SERIES or NOVEL EXCERPTS for this story, abeg, so that I’ll know.

    Please, I suggest that you give another title to this short story, @abby. Re-look as well. It was good that you let this story ‘sleep’ on your desktop. I have many like that, though they are not on desktops. Some of them are still in my head guided by titles, others are just rough jottings. This shows your greatness in creative writing of any genre.

  14. Hey guys; thanks!
    @Gretty, what’s up!?
    @Emmanuella, You raised a couple cogent points. Titles are my shortcomings. Still don’t know what to do about that. However, title suggestions will be appreciated.

    This has two more parts: the life of the MC with the group and after this encounter. They exist but the initial part is too blood-curdling even for me so I’ll prolly just make references to that in the 2nd part.

    The challenge is the time to pen it down. If we could have ‘a tales by moonlight’ like thingy; I’ll be honored to tell it to y’all!

    Thanks again all; I appreciate plenty!

    1. There’s one more thing I want to add here that I noticed: To me sha, I was just wondering how Chinda was married off to Fela in the first place if Fela didn’t really know her true parentage. Well, I guess that’s just another issue, right? To me sha, I saw that as one tiny loophole in this short piece of yours. I saw the tense scene between ‘Father’, Dagger and Scarface which was created when Fela watched the way Chinda received these people into her house. It made me wonder who Chinda’s real parents were, then. Abi na just court wedding dem do, hm?

      1. @Emmanuella; the babe nor get family na. She no go marry?
        I already hinted at your point, albeit briefly but for the full gist (or at least some of it), you’re gonna hafta wait.

        @TolaO, mighty hefty praise from you sir!. Thanks; won’t wanna ruin your week now, would I? lol

        I will finish this; in good time. lol

  15. LOL @ tales by moonlight, please make the other parts soon.

  16. LOL @ tales by moonlight, please make the other parts soon..

  17. @Abby, this is brilliant. At first, I thought it was another romance/relationship story. Boy, was I ever blindsided! I love the way you hint at sinister intent, with ‘Father’s’ appearance at the MC’s house.

    I just have one question – is there part 2? You haven’t labelled your story ‘A Different World (1)’. Please tell me there’s part 2, or else my week will be completely ruined. :)

  18. Wow. This is brilliant. Please don’t make us wait too long for part two. Cant wait to see how Chinda will get out of this one. Hope it has a happy ending.

  19. WOW!!!
    this is so so nice!
    abby, hats off for you!
    i really like this piece,and i cant wait to know what happens next!
    thumbs up!

  20. A well written story, flowed from beginning to end, wonderful work, Abby

    1. Wow @williepepple, you sure went all the way back to have come across this!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment too.

      I appreciate plenty.

  21. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    hmmm loved this, where are you?

    1. Sunshine, hey. You called? Well, here I am.

      Thanks; I wonder what inspired you to go this far back. I don’t mind though.

      I appreciate the vote of confidence. I really should finish this. hmmmm

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