This I Pray

This I Pray

I Pray
That I will see the beauty in every shadow
That I bask in the warmth of every light’s glow
That the passing of day will birth my fame
And as I sleep,I cease to be same

I Pray
For a heart that will love even in pain
A soul that will give without an intent to gain
For a tongue that speaks not to break
But words only for men to make

I Pray
For fulfilment in the midst of wealth
For significance in every success birth
That I will have joy even when not happy
That I’ll celebrate God and His Glory

I Pray
That I find The Way,The Truth and The Life
To give me hope and victory through every strife
And for all that happens positive or odd
I’ll get on my knees and Thank God
This I Pray

14 thoughts on “This I Pray” by king jay (@omojuwa)

  1. Nice poem
    simple and sweet
    reminds me of a poem i have here.UPON MY PATH.
    well done.

  2. This is a prayer that prompts a loud outburst of AMEN and a poem that deserves a WELLDONE!

  3. AMEN O


  4. This is good. May all your wishes come true. Well done!

  5. Good poem. Amen.

  6. Nice poem Jay!

  7. I pray for all the things you pray for…well done!

  8. beautiful poem and prayer!

  9. Truly beautiful.
    This resonates with me but the 2nd stanza so works for me.
    Well done!

  10. Thanks friends. for me it is as much a guide as it is a prayer. cheers

  11. This is a good one king jay, and a resounding amen said to all the prayers.

    Well done!!!

  12. Amen. Nice one.

  13. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Beautiful.. My kind of poem..

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