The Dance Of Love

The Dance Of Love

My beat is wild, Kaffy can’t step to this

Even the best barely hang on

This train is light-fast, raging like fire

Consuming all

In a buffet breakfast

When mystery goes so does desire,

Proteus is my love: never static,

Constant is my boredom,

Boredom is hatred-

May I not hate so may you not bore,

My dance is complex, my rock is swift

Lover be careful and watch your feet

I dance with many so bend to my will,

Blend to my feel,

My core is bare; I can’t feel the wind,

I run against it;

Do not love me, with all your heart

I won’t love you – it’s not my part

I play in dance, the fun is the start

Sway with me, dance along

It is just a play, you are just a prey

So act your part…dance with me.

13 thoughts on “The Dance Of Love” by Demola Thomas (@thewritesolutions)

  1. Hmmn! Do we have another budding casanova here? Lol

  2. Demola Thomas (@thewritesolutions)

    dont know about ‘budding casanova’ o….

  3. Okay. Had friend during NYSC, Deola who is a female. Will have to think Demola is a male since Lade is Yoruba. Thought it was actually written by a female.

    Good stuff. Guess the ladies’ll take note.

    1. Yes @Jaywriter. Demola is 100% male.

  4. Demola Thomas (@thewritesolutions)

    @Jay yes I am o! and hope the ladies listen…

  5. ladies run from this guy who is finding prey o….lol.Really good piece.

    Well done!!!

  6. Reads quite a cocky manner.
    Well, I hope she’s listening. She’s been duly warned. lol
    Well done!

  7. Demola Thomas (@thewritesolutions)

    I often don’t write with my personality in mind. I assume another persona so it’s not necessarily me…

  8. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Duly noted..

  9. Demola Thomas (@thewritesolutions)

    the comment or the poem? which is ‘duly noted’?

  10. Like this
    good poetry.

  11. this is good

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