The Revolution

The Revolution

Godwin James is the president in one of the developing country in the south of the Sahara. It is the first day of the month. He woke up in the early hours of the day. As he brushes his teeth, he thinks of what he would be wearing to the fiftieth independent anniversary of his country. A black suit will be the best for an occasion like this. He hasn’t worn a suit in a long time.

It wasn’t seven 0’clock but Patricia was already dressed. Nothing else goes perfect on her like native attire. She has looked into the mirror now for more than ten times. Her continual look into the mirror was upsetting to Godwin. He wonders if she thinks she is beautiful. He didn’t give it much thought, he wished for a way to tell her that what he hears about her on the tabloid wasn’t going down well with him. She was obviously becoming a tabloid first lady. Talking about it could is like opening cans of worms. He remembers when she was caught with by the anti-corruption agency while he was a serving as a state governor. He still doesn’t know where she got all the money from. If not for his political ambition which will be at stake, he was ready to do away with her.

Only Patricia knows the true story behind his success. It is a secret between the two of them. Divorcing her will mean the secret becoming public apart from his political ambition that will be threatened.
He keeps the brush on the sink and walks into the bedroom. What is this thing about Adamu Maikudi contesting the election? He thought after spending several years as a military dictator, Adam should give up ruling. He knows his people will not vote in Adamu, no one likes him not even his clan. His major concern is Rabiat Narudeen. He is a new contender, but has loyalty and respect from the youths. The youths are the majority of the voting population. That may give him an edge. Then he smiles as he thinks of Otunba Dayo Abayomi. How can Dayo think of ruling this country at this time, he would have done well contesting as a state governor. He didn’t see Otunba as a major contender.

Then a frown settles on his face as he recalls the security reports about bombs being planted in some locations around the capital city. He was informed by the director of SSS some days ago that one leader of a opposition group was planning to bomb the city. But he was assured that the threats were just jokes and security around the city had been taken care of.

He still can’t understand why people prefer a situation of war instead of peace. In a war situation the leaders will have no one to govern, and the governed will be displaced, so what is the need.
He thought, this could just be a way of distracting him. There had been several protests from anti-government agencies and human rights since he announced the amount that government intends spending for the independent day anniversary. He couldn’t think of anything better to spend the country’s money on, if they country cannot enjoy a good independent day celebration.
The he logs on to his face book account. He was proud himself for generating over a hundred thousand fans on his page within a month. He thinks, not even the American president has as much fans on his page within a month.

He starts to type an anniversary message for his readers, fans, and sympathizers across the globe. He reads a comment by a fan and sighed. What does he know calling me names. Why would people be referring to him as a clown? Does he look like one, if he looks like a clown what about Maikudi and rest? As far he knows, they look more like clowns than he is.

After posting the anniversary message on facebook, he shuts down and went to meet Patricia who had changed into her fifth cloth.

“Do I look good?” She smiles. He would have preferred to tell her how she looked so much like a comedian.
“You look great” He calls for his orderly and informs him, they will be ready in five minutes.

Maikudi was dressed in his usual ‘babariga’. He is a desperate man, desperate for power and could do anything as long as he was in control. He feels he was beginning to loss power and significance among his people. He must fight back to regain power and relevance. He thought of the ridiculous manner in which Godwin was doing his campaign. Depending on face book, using cheap resources to buy the sympathy of people. He felt disgust, how will he be contesting election with someone of Godwin’s caliber, he didn’t care whether he was the president of United States. Is there no way everyone can step down for him? He has consulted his advisers about this, but it seems no one was willing not step down. Maybe with more pressure, they will.

Then a wicked smile appears on his face. It is not likely that Godwin has up to a hundred million in his account. A president without a hundred million is not his kind. How Godwin plans to win election without money still baffles him. He makes a head note of the various accounts he has in Swiss bank, UK, and even some neighboring countries. He laughed when he remember a newspaper account of his money in Swiss bank. No one knows how much he is truly worth.

Needless to say Godwin’s campaign strategy of sympathy was working for him, he was gaining recognition from the masses especially those in the Diaspora; something has to be done to discredit him. And today is day. He puts a call through to his campaign manager, Raphael Anikulapo. The phone rang once, and it was picked by Raphael, no dares not to pick Maikudi’s call at the first ring.

“You are sure it’s done?” Maikudi asked again as he continually smiles. They call him the evil genius.
Some weeks back Maikudi held a secret meeting with Raphael his campaign manager. They subject of the meeting is on how to discredit Godwin. He was making too much noise. At the end of the meeting they decided to contact James Herbert a self-exiled middle aged man resident outside the country, he is a strong opposition to the government and a known terrorist.

Raphael paid James ten million to plan the bombing of some cities so that a wrong signal will be sent to the people and the government will be discredit. A vote of no confidence will sponsored by Maikudi’s cohorts in the parliament and Godwin will be impeached before the presidential election.

Rabiat is not going to be a headache for him; he didn’t give much thought to him. As far as he was concerned Rabiat is just small boy who wants to be stubborn. He can’t get far without a godfather that has money to back him up. As much as he didn’t step on his toes, he can continue to make as much noise as he can. He thought of some statements credited to Rabiat on the tabloid that he will arrest him for corruption when he becomes the president. That will be in his imagination, he thought. Because he was once the boss of an anti corruption agency boss doesn’t mean he has the capacity to govern a state not to talk of a country. He sighed.

Today would have been a happy day for him not for the death of his wife. She died of a complicated heart disease. She had his major backbone for several years when things were good, bad and ugly; he wished she is alive to witness the occasion. They had been masterminds of many plots. Now he has to do it alone. He tries to control his emotion so as not to burst into tears.

Rabiat woke up at six; he had been involved in a lot of activities since he returned back to the country. He was on exile for some months and had just returned. A lot has been happening around him of late. He didn’t know that at a time he will be contending for the presidency. The youths want him and he was willing to serve. He knows that a lot of people in the corridor of power didn’t like him because of his activities as the anti corruption boss before he went on exile. Now he is back and was ready to contest the presidential election.

Unlike Maikudi he has just a few hundred of thousands in his account. He believes that leadership should not be about stashing funds away into foreign accounts. It beats his imagination why people have turned so-called evil genius into a god. It was time to get rid of people like Maikudi and his cohorts from the polity. He was determined to be the president.

He took is chaplet and went to his prayer room where he did Morning Prayer. He remembers the words of his ‘Alfa’ a Muslim prophet who told him not to attend the independent day anniversary ceremony. He won’t be attending it but will watch the live telecast from his house.

James Herbert made an international call to Reuben Sadiq giving him instructions on the next line of action. They sent a mail on the previous day the National Security Adviser. He was warned about the bombing they intend to carry on the capital city during National independent day celebration. He was sure that the message will not be taken seriously, they never took anything serious. Apart from the president being stubborn, his advisers are also stubborn; this will teach them a lesson to listen in future. James must be discrediting and impeached.

Reuben is a notorious criminal; he was a leader of a cult group while in the university. He was known to have personally killed at least twenty students while they were in school. He graduated into a kidnapper and notorious criminal after leaving school. Now is the one to be used in carrying out the bombing. He didn’t mind any job as long as the pay was good. James was paying him two million to do the job.

NATIONAL RADIO BROADCASTING STATION. At exactly ten in the morning the secretary of the GM received a fax message that reads: There is going to be mass bombing at the venue of the national independent day celebration this morning, everyone in attendance are warned to evacuate the whole territory immediately. Immediately the GM got the message, he puts a call through to the Minister of information. He explained the fax message to her.

The president and many top dignitaries were already at the venue, what would she do? She remembers hearing the National Security Adviser mention something like this to the president, but the Executive council had waved it off, thinking it was a hoax. There is no way to get the message across to the president now. She has to wait until after the national anthem, and even at that, can the president be taken out of the venue without throwing everyone into panic. Anarchy was one word that keeps coming to her mind.

James gave his final instructions, and the bombs left off at exactly eleven 0’clock.

Somewhere away from the planet earth, some heavenly hosts in the form of human being assembled and the head of meeting announced.

“Behold the cries of my people have reached my ears and today I will rescue my people from the hands of those who have oppressed them for fifty years, the resources I have endowed on this great nation have continually gone into the hands of the same people for many years. So many people have been left hungry while some others are allowed to steal billions away. Many lives have been taken because of greed and power. Families are made to cry while beggars have no one to run to. Children are used for rituals and sexual harassment wax stronger in the corridors of power. The same people who have enriched themselves with resources belong to all my people have sat down in high places planning to take lives of many. Now arise armies of the heaven, go down and destroy them all. Go now”

Thunderous came from above, and the earth shook. People ran into their homes while those inside their houses ran out. An alfa receives a vision. He was afraid at what he saw. He saw razing fire from above consuming a group of people.

There was lightening everywhere, and thunder sparks shook the earth, CNN report states it that that kind of lightning and thunder has never been witnessed anywhere in the world before.

When the whole commotion started, Maikudi smiles, he thought that his agents of death had stricken. People at the venue of the celebration begin to run for their life. The president was guide by his body guards, but they didn’t go far. Fire came from above burning up everything and everyone at the occasion. There was confusion and no one was at the helm of affairs of the nation.

CNN reporters are unable to explain to the world what had happened. Only a few religious people are able to understand especially those that were given the vision to see.

The alfa has one more mission to carry out as instructed before he returns to where he came from. He was instructed to contact Rabiat immediately. They talked for exactly forty five minutes. The alfa was explaining the vision he received. The alfa insisted that all that happened that day was an act of God. And that is why science and media has not been able to explain it.

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    It’s a good attempt, anyway. Best wishes.

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