The Lasting First

The Lasting First

“Congratulations! You’ve just won two million Naira”. Those were the exact words of Frank Edoho to me on the Independence Edition of the TV show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ held on Friday, 30th September 2005.My joy knew no bounds; this was a dream come true. A teenage millionaire!

The following morning, I left home very early so I could cash my cheque since the few banks that work on Saturdays usually close earlier than usual. I deposited the money into my account. On leaving the bank, I headed straight for the Silverbird Galleria at Victoria Island to see a movie. Since its opening in July 2004, I had always longed to be there so, it was another dream-come-true.

After the movie, I was famished. So, I dropped by at the nearest UAC restaurant. The whole vicinity had a shade of green – a green carpet led to the entrance door while the doors and window were adorned with ribbons and balloons (green and white colours). I walked gently across the green carpet to the entrance door, which was immediately opened for me and I stepped in. I was flabbergasted. Everyone in the room (including the attendants) was clothed in green and white; the tables were adorned with green and white table-clothes; even the bottles of drinks were all green. I looked above the counter and saw a banner with the inscription: “Green Day! Naija@45”.

It was then it dawned on me that it was a celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day. It skipped my mind because it was a weekend and aside that, I had never been part of a real celebration on Independence Day. Since the place was congested, I was about to take my leave but was intercepted by a young tall handsome man (the type I usually dreamt of) who convinced me to dine with them. We got chatting and exchanged phone numbers before departing. Due to the terrific traffic jam in the Lagos metropolis, I arrived home at 8:12pm.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to state that I got several phone calls that day and they were mostly from ‘great’ people like: the guy I met at the restaurant, my friends at school, my parents, my siblings (who were checking on their ‘two-million-dollar’ sister), and a host of others. The peak of these calls came in at about 9:05pm. It was from Frank Edoho – the presenter of the popular TV show ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ – inviting me to be a guest in their one year Anniversary Edition which was coming up on the 7th of October 2005.

What a memorable day! I had to find my 2005 diary and flipped through empty pages until I got to ‘October 1’ and beneath it, I wrote: “Today, Nigeria celebrates her 45th Independence Day Celebration; a day in which I felt really ‘independent’. Being the first day of the month of October and having created a lasting impression on me, I call it ‘the lasting first’.”

7 thoughts on “The Lasting First” by grayshores (@grayshores)

  1. Is this fiction? I hope not.

  2. Ha! it’s non-fiction abi?
    Where’s my cut na?

  3. :) I pity you, @RemiRoy. I ask: When you get ‘your cut’, what would you do with it,hm? To me, this piece has a sort of magical tone to it, it’s so unreal. The time and dates and location sound real, but by the time I re-glanced, it was definitely surreal, like a dream. It sounds like a dream. The writer made a bad attempt at making it sound real when actually it was surreal. That’s good, in a way. This flash fiction has the appearance of a teenager (like a 14 or 15 year-old) narrating the story. I find that interesting! :)

  4. @grayshores, you have written with such appealing innocence, and you made me smile! Fiction or fantasy, which ever it may be,this was a good one. It’s just like a story in a story, with the Independence theme thrown in, which is what most of the entries have been doing. You deserve kudos just for trying, so keep it up.

  5. Marya and Emmanuella effectively conveyed my precise thoughts.
    Well done!

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