Step by Step

Step by Step

Hours after hours
Days after days
I try to forget you
I haven’t called
I haven’t emailed
I haven’t heard your voice in months
But somehow you found your way back into my heart
And into my dreams
I wake up feeling your touch
Warm embrace
Soft kiss on my lips
It seems so real
I try not to think about you
But somehow people around me say your name
Reminding me of times when we used to see each other
Maybe I should go where no one knows you
Maybe I should erect a wall in my mind
And leave my memories of you behind it
A part of me has moved on and is getting restless
But a part of me is still holding on
I know that we are not meant to be together
And I know that it’s over
But a part of me refuses to accept the ineluctable
I wish you could tell me
I wish it were simple
I am a work in progress
I don’t have all the answers
But I know that I am strong
I am resilient
I will continue on my path without you by my side
I am learning to stand on my own with a heavy heart
Days will pass and it will be better
I will love you always
But step by step, I will get there

7 thoughts on “Step by Step” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Mind versus Heart, and mind triumphing. I don’t see enough of that so this is a welcome change.
    Beautiful, Jef.

    1. True Lade, but it is just that in a battle between reason and emotion, emotion almost always wins.

  2. Good stuff. Guess you gotta move on. Nice one.

  3. Nice one here.Well done.

  4. You gotta be really strong and willing to forge on for reason to win. Unfortunately, we think we are powerless to our emotions. If we can only give ourselves more credit.
    Nice one Jef!

  5. Thanks a lot for all your comments!

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