Prologue To Pearls Of Love

Prologue To Pearls Of Love

It is a raining day, though the weather hot. Most marriages are done on Saturday. I still don’t understand how this came about. Even the days of the week. How was it decided which day to be Sunday and which should be a Saturday. As far as I know there is no difference in these days. What make the difference are the activities that takes place on these days.

Today is going to be a long day for me. Apart from the rain which had been falling since late night, it was my wedding day. The day before had been a very hectic one for me. I left work at around 2pm, hoping to get every thing set for the wedding. You are probably wondering why I didn’t apply for my annual leave. I have so many reasons for that, we planned to use the annual leave at another time of the year, the plan is to travel to Scotland and spend some weeks with Thelma. We got her invitation since last year and had prepared all our traveling documents for July. That is two months away.

John was with me through the night to assist in wrapping gifts we will be taking to my in laws as required by our traditional custom during the traditional marriage rites. We had fixed the marriage registry to hold the same day with the traditional marriage. The first is registry then everyone goes to my father in law’s house where the traditional wedding will hold. Even though we started preparation some months ago, I think on occasions like this, preparation is never enough.

We bought our traditional clothes from Mandilas, while the suit and wedding gown were imported from Italy. The rings were sent by Thelma.

Now we are standing before the court registrar, taking the oath of marriage. It had been weeks of anxiety and anticipations.

“Dan you promise to take Ann as your wife, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, in riches, and in needs, for better and for worse till death do you apart” The registrar reads from a book she was holding. We had done a rehearsal some weeks back.

“I Dan Promise to take you Ann as my one and only wife, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, in riches, and in needs, for better and for worse, till death do us apart” I repeat after the registrar.

As I took the oath, I thought deeply about it. They weren’t just prose, they could actually mean a sentence, and I mean being sentenced to life into paradise if the marriage goes well, or a sentence to hell and damnation, if it goes the other way. I wonder which one I was being sentenced to, though I knew all along that my marriage to Ann will be paradise.

I saw excitement in the eyes of my parents as they smiled. My mom was the most touched, she sheds tears of joy; her son was finally getting married. I watched as well-wishers cheered us and I can’t ever forget those looks. They were looks of admiration, looks of good wishes. I was happy. It was my happiest moment- ever!

“You may now kiss your bride” The registrar said.

I pulled Ann, and kissed her. As my mouth touch hers we both closed our eyes and kissed off passionately until the crowd cheered us with a standing ovation.

‘I love you Ann’.
‘I love you too Dan’.

11 thoughts on “Prologue To Pearls Of Love” by Me (@ackcity)

  1. What a prologue! I hope you are posting more?

  2. I’ll do that Lade, was taking my time because of the number of stories yet to be published!

  3. I like…but the initial narration sounds rushed…and it seems like you repeated yourself…accidentally…or maybe to show the narrator’s jumbled mindstate…??

    Nice one.

  4. Its a nice prologue; doesn’t really tell me much but enough to want to watch out for more. Well done.

    However, I couldn’t quite get the hang of the first couple of sentences despite reading it twice. It read in a jumbled sort of way; still do not understand it.
    Also be careful of spellings: my guess is you mean ‘Thelma’ instead of the “Thelema” you wrote. There were also some words that weren’t completed but tis a good start!

  5. @ Seun thanks, I guess by the time we get into the story proper, it will fall into place, @Abby, once again thanks for your comment, its well appreciated, I will improve on my work.

    1. You really are good. Keep it up!!!

  6. Nice work. I like already. i ditto Seun’s observation tho.
    well done. More please.

  7. Nice work.Just a little more attention to detail will do.

    Well done!!!

  8. Thanks, Í have taken note of that.

  9. Good narrative, but watch your spelling. I noticed you wrote An once, instead of Ann.

  10. keep at it, it was a little bit dry for me.

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