Party Hats And Cake Optimus

Party Hats And Cake Optimus

On my way to the biggest celebration Africa has ever seen and my flight has been delayed, why oh why? I can almost taste it!

Oh I forgot to add, I know two of the chefs catering, all graduates of the culinary arts institute, no not CIA!  But I believe they wield more power and influence than that prestigious organisation, their culinary creations have the capability of achieving miracles comparable to none, case in point, chef O once baked a blue berry cheese cake and I could have sworn the dewy soft wings of an angel brushed lightly on my cheeks while in mid air as I shuddered down to earth. Yes! Chefs are truly that powerful! Then imagine ten of them congregated, their impact would be staggering, revolutions could happen, and poverty could be consumed away, Modern day miracles!

Still at the airport waiting and I am now forced to observe and be a part of the people around me.  The other passengers are becoming impatient and reverting to curse words directed at the airline and its officials: what incompetence! They exclaim aghast and now a woman in an iro and buba is looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to join the verbal mob, I stare back at her blankly, she gives it one more shot, “….but how could they delay us for four hours? Four hours!” She gesticulates with her hands, I nod uninterestedly and look away, she makes a face and clucks looking away, I am her new enemy.

Finally I am up in the air, the turbulence is becoming a bit disturbing, I should have paid more attention at the flight safety instructions, oh well, I will manage somehow, hopefully we do not crash in the next forty five minutes, I am after all the guest of honour and I already have my speech.

….still alive, the driver is very chatty and he likes all my jokes and likes repeating the last words of each sentence and laughing

“……… think they are pigs? Oga!” and then the shoulder shrugging laughter. I smile and look away, he is very excited, he wants to talk more; I’d rather talk with you guys,  no assistants to do this for me, no! I do it myself, it helps keep me connected, your thoughts and opinions, the exchange between us, it keeps me grounded really.

A sea of green and white jubilant faces, I can hear the national anthem and I watch as the body guard strides up to the door with his hand placed unmoving on his right ear, I walk out and head straight to the stage, I am right on time for this glorious speech in front of this amazing record breaking masterpiece.

“………………..We are the best and now let there be cake! Happy Independence Day!

In case you wondered at my lengthy updates, after the release of social network, status updates have been increased to over 800 characters.

10 thoughts on “Party Hats And Cake Optimus” by chika winifred eneanya (@foofoo)

  1. ‘Culinary arts institute’ would be ‘CAI’ and not ‘CIA’…pay attention.

    Nice…but the story really feels rushed and distracted…as though the teller was/is having a out-of-body experience…understand?


  2. okay dear, nice work, i guess u read wat i wrote on fcbk, take care.

  3. This kinda mushed up my head.Found it hard to follow.My sincere opinion.

  4. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    You need to work on the narrative flow still…Nice.

  5. Great story.wonderful writing.

  6. Nice effort. Note what has been said.

  7. Great attempt..I’m not sure if i would have done better if i were the one who wrote this…keep writing!

  8. Well, U got something going…keep it up…

  9. The narrative read in an excited manner to me; which is okay but I couldn’t tell exactly the role the narrator plays.

    I can relate with the scene at the airport with “iro and buba” lady; definitely would have acted as the narrator did. lol

    Well done but you could take to heart the critiques. Also noticed the “CIA” bit too.

  10. The lady? Good cue.

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