End of Polls – Independence Day Contest Shortlist

End of Polls – Independence Day Contest Shortlist

We have come to the last stage of the contest. Voting has been completed and we have selected the top stories from the poll for our final shortlist. These are the 14 entries which received over 1% of the total votes each. These stories will be further  reviewed by the Naija Stories Editors and graded with regards to Creativity, Use of Language, Relevance to the Independence Day theme and Polish/Grammar. The winners will be selected from this list at the final stage and announced on Friday, Oct 1, 2010. The shortlist is as follows.

NIGERIA BY 2050 – Joshua J Omojuwa
Bundle of Joy – Iweka Kingsley
The Parade – Sylva Ifedigbo
Never Again – Dipo Adesida
A heart for the game – Remi Roy
Party Hats And Cake Optimus – Chika Eneanya
My Independence Day – Anderson Paul
Passing of a memory – Fred Nwonwu
Electronic Freedom – Emmanuel Iduma
Lonely Hearts – Funmi F
The Dance – GG87


This is the second round of the contest. Thanks to everyone that sent in their entries and whose submissions met the criteria for the contest. There were 35 entries, however seven were disqualified for not meeting the submission guidelines which included word length, style (prose Vs poetry), Article Vs fiction, etc. All the qualified stories have been published, all 28 of them.

A voting poll has been set up on the left sidebar of the website to collect the votes for the contest. Another poll has also been set up on Facebook for those who prefer that medium. Both polls will be collated on the 30th of September. Please share to your friends and encourage them to read your stories too. Comments will help the judges come to their final decision.

All the best.


This is the year of the African. That is, if you believe the buzz. Almost half of the countries in the African continent will celebrate 50 years of independence this year. Nigeria is one of those countries. On October 1, 1960, the British handed over and we attained ‘independence’. So in a few weeks time, Naija will be 50 years old.

Here at Naija Stories, we have put together a writing contest to commemorate October 1st. People who wish to participate will write a short flash fiction piece featuring Independence Day. This could be about an event that happens on any of the October 1st days since 1960 till date and beyond. It could be about any other thing your imagination can come up with that involves that day. “Independence Day” as a word must also appear in the story.

Let’s look at some ideas. What are your plans for that day? The government is baking a massive monument which will be divided and sent to all parts of the country so everyone can literally eat of the “National Cake”. There are also various other events, the government plans to spend around N17 billion. I’m sure there will be private events too, to reminisce on what’s changed in the past 50 years and what we’re looking forward to.

Contest Guidelines:

1. Register at Naijastories.com and log in. Then click on the ‘Submit and Edit Stories’ link to the left of the page in the ‘Communities’ section. This will take you to an ‘Edit Posts’ page.

2. Click on the ‘Add New’ button at the top of this page – this will take you to an ‘Add New Post’ page.

3. In the field at the top of the page, enter a title that defines your entry.

4. In the body of the post, put in your entry. All stories must be original and not previously published, and no political essays or commentaries please.

5. Your entry should be a maximum of 500 words.

6. Put the entry in the category of “Independence Day Contest” and press the button, “Submit for Review”.

Dates for Contest:

The contest opens today September 8th and submissions end on September 24th.

Popular Voting – September 24th – September 29th, 2010
Final Judging – September 29th – September 30th

The winner will be announced by October 1st.

Prizes :

First place winner – $150, and their story will be linked on the Front Page of the website.
Second place winner – $100, and their story will be linked on the Front Page of the website.
Third Place winner – $50, and their story will be linked on the Front Page of the website.

Contest Procedure:

To make this an all inclusive contest, Naija Stories will involve our readers and Facebook group members. We have 2 stages for determining the winner;

Stage 1. – Popular Voting: There will be a poll set up on NaijaStories.com to collect these votes. At this stage, all those who submitted stories for the contest can invite friends to vote for their entries.

Stage 2. – Vetting: The Naija Stories team will select the most suitable of the entries from those with the most votes. The top three entries of those selected will be the winners of the contest.

Judging Criteria:

– The first round voting will depend on the people who read the entries. As I always say, you do not know who is reading. Get ready to broadcast your entries to friends for their votes.

– Second round judges will be checking for creativity, relevance to the Independence theme and clean use of the English language so polish your grammar and keep typos to a minimum please! This is a contest but you’re also expected to treat it like a writing exercise.

If you have any questions, please send a mail to info@naijastories.com.

Good Luck and Get Writing!

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