(Enter Eze Obika and Ezenna)

The style of the furnishing is quite fashionable type. There are four leather chairs, a round glass table in the middle of the chair with a flower in a pot on the table. The Igwe’s hand fan and walking stick are also on the table. There are four framed pictures on the opposite sides of the walls, a picture of the Igwe, Ugoeze, Ezenna and kachi. There is a stair case that runs up from the sitting room and a dinning room. There is a Television and an audio set but they are not on. The scene opens with Eze Obika and Ezenna sitting.

EZE OBIKA׃ (To Ezenna) Eze, where did your mother go?

EZENNA׃ Igwe, she went to church.

EZE OBIKA׃ She ought to be back by now, I mean it’s too late.

EZENNA׃ Better stay late with God than to be late in sin.

EZE OBIKA׃ And I sit here on my seat, asking my self unanswerable questions like; what could be happening to her? She should have left the church three hours ago. What could be holding her back? Eze my son, overstaying outside is detrimental to those that care. Anything that is over-done is over felt. Pray that the feelings be positive.

EZENNA׃ Thank God that she does it with passion. As such, anything that is done with out passion is over felt and the feeling is always negative.

EZE OBIKA׃ EZE, are you not worried? Your mother is not back by this time. I’m as worried as life. You really care and not bothered?

EZENNA׃ Papa, if you care, why the negative thought? Every of our thought s have powers behind them. The tongue speaks what the mind thinks.

EZE OBIKA׃ Some men are wise and some are otherwise. My son, you remind me of a book I read back then in my youth, “the power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Pearl. I guess I was wrong

(A Short silence)

(Enters the queen)

UGOEZE׃ Igwe, I am sorry for coming home late. We had a lot of nuts to crack.

EZE OBIKA׃ The basic thing is that you are back, welcome my queen.

UGOEZE׃ (She yawns) Ewoo!!……….. There are no bones in my flesh.

(She sits) Eze, Ada extends her greetings.

EZE OBIKA׃ That reminds me, Eze there’s something I had wanted to discuss with you. It keeps getting out of my memory.

EZENNA׃ Igwe, now that it is still in your memory, speak papa. I’ m all ears

EZE OBIKA׃ I don’t need your ears, I need you here my son. When I say you, I mean your mind.

EZENNA׃ It’s with me Igwe

EZE OBIKA׃ Every single seconds of the time, you are a second older on earth. Every single day that comes, you are a day older. Age must go on and on, even if you choose to tarry. Pursue your age side by side. Don’t choose behind.

EZENNA׃ Igwe, I am not a child so far, at my age I am not a failure. What is in you, let it out. Speak English; I do not understand the other language.

EZE OBIKA׃ Eze my son, you said it all. You are not a child. No one will forever remain a child. A child must grow. Eze you are not getting any younger. You need to be a man. You need a wife now Eze. Please find some one to settle down with. You need the bigger mind.

EZENNA׃ Chi’muo! (He laughs). Was the cause of all the preaching?

(Laughs again)

UGO EZE׃ Eze, it’s not a laughing matter. It’s as serious as a success. Laugh over a serious issue and at last the world will laugh at you.

EZENNA׃ I don’t know why I laughed; maybe because I wasn’t expecting that from papa. (He coughs) Look papa, its not that I don’t think about it, the problem is that I have not seen the right girl.

UGO EZE׃ Of all the beauties in Umuagu!

EZENNA׃ The ones I have come across.

EZE OBIKA׃ My son, There are so many beautiful young ladies in this village. The right girl is in this village. Go, go and search for the right girl and let me meet her.

EZENNA׃ I pray God helps me.

EZE OBIKA׃ I pray you know when he is. Eh less I forget, Nnamdi my younger brother wrote to say that he would be coming home a day after tomorrow.

UGO EZE׃ Igwe, what about Kachi my Princess

EZE OBIKA׃ My princess is also returning to Umuagu

EZENNA׃ Ha ha (he Stands) I can’t wait to see my kid sister. Oh heaven thank you for giving me an angel sister.

EZE OBIKA׃ I’m going to bed. (He gets up) Goodnight happiness.

EZENNA and UGO EZE׃ Good night happy king!

(Exits Eze Obika)

EZENNA׃ Mama, talking about marriage, there is one girl I think good. She has all that I need in a wife.

UGO EZE׃ Oh! At last you got the right girl. Is she from this village?


UGO EZE׃ Who is she? Just tell me who she is and leave the rest to me, I can handle it.

EZENNA׃ Her name is Amaka Obi, the daughter of Mr. Azuka Obi

UGO EZE׃ (Thinking) Azuka Obi… Azuka Obi….. the one that leaves near that chemist?

EZENNA׃ Yes mama, you know him.

UGO EZE׃ (she turns her right hand round her head and snaps her fingers) Tuffia! Alu! God forbid! Alu! Extreme abomination! Eze, don’t let your father hear that and one advice for you, start afresh because you came across the wrong girl. She is an osụ and you know what it means, it’s as contagious as a yawn. Ewo Chukwu ekwena.

EZENNA׃ Amaka, an outcast? Gush! Thank God I have not met her.

UGO EZE׃ Oh Chi’muo… (She yawns) am as dizzy as a goose. Don’t even think of proposing to her. I’m going in (She gets up) ka chi fo.

EZENNA׃ Good night (Exits queen) (He speaks to himself) Amaka, an outcast? Oh God forbid. To think that I almost met with her, what a world! I would never marry an outcast. I wish she is not beautiful. She is just too irresistible!

1: II



The scene sets in Uju’s compound, outside the house, there are five fowls walking around, one is a hen with four chicks, a got is also seen tied to a tree, there is a rope tied to the same tree through another adjacent tree, on the rope are some clothes dried to it. There is a little house besides the main building; this house is Uju’s kitchen. The scene opens with Muna and Uju sitting on a bench, picking beans together

(Enter Uju and Muna)

MUNA׃ Are we really happy, when our freedom is limited? Can we be happy, when we cannot interact freely? How can we be happy, when we are treated like slaves? There is no happiness in being discriminated against. My soul is sad, how long can I continue to leave like a stranger in the land of my ancestors. Life is not always one sweet song. Like King Lear, I unhappiness is ravaging my life.

UJU׃ Muna, why do you talk like that? Ọ’gini?

MUNA ׃ Mama, why? Why is it so? We are forbidden of some things. Mama don’t you feel it? Are you used to it? It pains. It pains so much to be an osụ (outcast)

UJU׃ Muna, I am not used to be an outcast. I was never an outcast.

MUNA׃ Mother, your talks baffle me.

UJU׃ You need a drug.

MUNA׃ A drug! For what?

UJU׃ Words of inspiration are drugs of man’s spirit. Muna, you are what you think you be. Onye kwere chi ya ekwere

MUNA׃ What about the treatment? I feel it too. It hurts.

UJU׃ Muna, it is only natural, in life, everybody mustn’t treat you well. Some are good and some bad. Don’t think about this anymore, live your normal life. Life is a chance but life style is a choice. We all have equal chances but how you live yours depends on you.

(Enters mama Amaka)

(Uju deviates from the conversation)

Welcome; You are very much welcome.

MAMA AMAKA׃ Uju, you are always busy with Muna. He is always beside you. The story of mother and child has so many themes and the picture depicts so many stories. God is a great artist.

UJU׃ But he is my only issue.

MAMA AMAKA׃ That aside, Uju, I just came to tell you that I will be going to my father’s house tomorrow. I shall spend a week there.

UJU׃ A week? That’s too much.

MAMA AMAKA׃ I know, but what would I do? I have to stay until my mother gets better.

UJU׃ Your mother is not well?

MAMA AMAKA׃ She is very ill; I need to be with her.

UJU׃ Mama Amaka, I understand. Take it easy eh. It is one of the things. So long as we live, there must be signs to indicate it. Just take it easy.

MAMA AMAKA׃ Thanks. But I came here to ask you for a favor.

UJU׃ Oh, ask me for favors. What do you want me to do for you?

MAMA AMAKA׃ I told Amaka to come to you whenever they need anything.

UJU׃ That is no problem. I will take care of them till you return.

MAMA AMAKA׃ I know I can confide in you. Thanks a lot.

UJU׃ What are friends for?

MAMA AMAKA׃ I will have to go now.

UJU׃ It is all right. I pray your mother gets better soon.

MAMA AMAKA׃ I pray so too

MUNA׃ Please, extend my regards to Amaka

MAMA AMAKA׃ Good-bye. (She leaves)

1: III



There are three chairs and a table in the middle. There are four framed pictures hanged to the walls. The house is not too big. There is television set and a radio seton the table opposite the entrance door. The scene opens with Nze Amadi and Muna

(Enter Muna and Nze Amad)

NZE AMADI׃ Munachiso (He laughs) son, what brings you this time? Oh never mind, this is your home

MUNA׃ Grand pa, how are you doing?

NZE AMADI׃ Fine, very fine and how is your mother?

MUNA׃ She is fine (acting clumsy)……Grandpa (He sighs) ………

NZE AMADI׃ Let it out!

MUNA׃ What, what grandpa?

NZE AMADI׃ The things in you.

MUNA׃ Grand pa, I don’t get you.

NZE AMADI׃ What did I waste my lifetime till now if I can’t identify shadows? Look at you. You can’t hide it. No body can hide worries. Even if you hide the problems, you show it. One thing I don’t understand is why men would decide to hide their problems while in every thing they do, they show it. They try to cover up with smiles, but it look like though, they are crying without tears. And they try silence but they lost control of their tears. My son, you can only hide your problem but you can’t hide your mood.

Your mood will always be true and it is a two-end thing, happy or sad. Do you know what I see in you? I see sadness even though I know not the problem. Be wise my son. A problem shared is half solved

MUNA׃ Grand pa, I’m tired of this society. A society where one cannot socialize with some people, a society where one has a small boundary he shouldn’t exceed, a society where one is hated with tradition to back it,

A society where one is seen as an abomination, a society where one is likened to a poison, a society where one is discriminated against.

Grandpa, I’m tired of being an outcast.

NZE AMADI׃ (He feels pity for Muna) how long my son, how long has this bothered you?

MUNA׃ Silently, I have been crying in me, walking in self-pity since the day I learnt my left and right. It’s been very long grand pa.

NZE AMADI׃ Muna 27 years ago, you were born into this world. You came with neither a cloth nor a companion. You were born into this world alone and not along with Umuagu. Why let discrimination be your burden.  Muna, it is all man for himself. It’s your life, live it alone. Try to associate but if anyone discriminates against you, disregard him and live on, because you are unique.

MUNA: Is it that easy? Papa nnuku, is it that easy?

NZE AMADI: No, it’s not that easy but this one life God gave to you is very precious. We are all on our separate mission on earth; don’t let anybody make you fail because you will be accountable for your life. Muna, they have two eyes like you do. Two ears like you do. A nose and a mouth just like yours. They have two feet and two arms just like you do. You breathe this same air with them, tell me my son, what is it they have that you don’t have? My son, you are all the same, Discrimination or no discrimination.

MUNA׃ Grandpa, you are not an outcast. Why did you let your daughter Mary an outcast.

NZE AMADI ׃ Initially, I refused, but she was so adamant she disrespected me and went to him. I hated her for that and disowned her. But after all, I am proud of Uju. She fought for her heart and love. She doesn’t believe in outcast. Uju said something that I will live remembering. She said that the people we call outcasts are men just like you and me. Outcast is just an English word

MUNA׃ I’m proud of her even though her decision is the reason why I cry.

NZE AMADI׃ She took that decision to give you life. She risked freedom to bring you to the world.

MUNA: Life! You call this life? Life is dead. Life died the day I breathe the poisonous air of this cruel world. Grand pa, I was never alive, the world was sweeter in mother’s womb. Mother Teresa once said that the biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but the feeling of being unwanted. Grand pa, I am a weed.

NZE AMADI׃ And you think you understand her, because from what I understood, she meant your feeling.  It is up to you to feel that your mother wants you; it’s up to you to feel the so much love I have for you. It’s up to you to feel how much some people desire the kind of life you referred to as a walking corpse. You can actually feel better. It’s up to you

MUNA׃ Thank you grand pa, you were a 20 minute God.

I.   IV



The scene is exactly the same settings in Act 1; scene 1

(Enters Eze Obika, Ezenna and Ugoze)

EZE OBIKA׃ At last, my princess is coming back home today after spending six years abroad. I wonder how she would be now.

UGOEZE׃ Igwe I can’t wait to see my daughter. Six years out of sight not out of mind. Though far apart, spirits together, her presence is felt.

EZE OBIKA: My daughter is going to be a medical doctor.  Kachi is going to be a doctor. Can you believe it?

UGOEZE׃ What best do you expect? A doctor trained by Harvard. God, she’s extremely qualified. Harvard makes genius. My daughter is a genius. She is erudite in the field because she is Harvard. Thanks God for her.

EZENNA׃ I want to witness the arrival of the black beauty that I have for a sister. I want to carry her in my arms like I used to, chat with her laugh with her and sleep under the same roof with my beloved sister.

[Someone knocks at the door; a maid goes to open the door]

[Enters Chief Mba]

MAID IKE׃ Welcome Chief!

CHIEF MBA׃ Igwe!!! I greet thee my amiable King. [Bows before the king] I greet thee the black strength of Umuagu.  I greet thee, Eagle’s eyes of Umuagu.  Greetings to my beloved King!

EZEOBIKA׃ Chief Mba may you live longer than your ancestors.  May your days be long?

CHIEF MBA׃ Thank you Igwe!

UGOEZE׃ Good afternoon Chief

CHIEF MBA׃ Ugo-Umuagu, good afternoon, how are you?

UGOEZE׃ I’ m blessed.

CHIEF MBA׃ Oh, thank God. My prince I hope all is well.

EZENNA׃ By his grace,

CHIEF MBA׃ Igwe, I came to thank you for how you settled that land issue I had with Mr. Ibe. Thank you very much your highness. [He gives him a bottle of wine].

EZEOBIKA׃ Chief Mba, I only did what is expected of me as the King of Umuagu. If I don’t make peace in my kingdom why are my leader [To his maid] Ike, get our visitor something to drink.

UGOEZE׃ [To Chief Mba] how is Madam and the children.

CHIEF MBA׃ They are all well

[Ike comes out with a glass of wine and gives it to Chief Mba]

Thanks my King [he sips the wine]

[A knock at the door, the maid goes to open the door]

[Enter Kachi and Nnamdi]

MAID IKE׃ Ah! Princess, welcome. Welcome home [Ezenna rush close to her carries her in his arms.] uncle you are welcome

EZENNA׃ [Carrying the princess] kachi, you are welcome back, I m so delighted to see you. Oh look at you [he drops her].

KACHI׃ And I am happy to see you too [goes to her father who hugs her]

EZE OBIKA: Kachi my princess welcome home. [To Nnamdi] How is your wife and children?

NNAMDI׃ They are all ok. They send their regards [kachi goes to her mum]

KACHI׃ Mama, I miss you, I miss home.

UGO EZE: Kachi, I missed you too. But we are together now. One big happy family, that’s what we are. Nnamdi thanks for caring for my daughter.

NNAMDI׃ She is my daughter too.

CHIEF MBA׃ (to Kachi) kachi come, come and give me a hug. God, you are this big? God is great. (Kachi goes to hug him and returns to her mother, holding her tightly)

KACHI׃ I miss home.

EZE OBIKA׃ My princess, no matter where you go home is still home. There is no place as free as home. Wherever you go, always remember that you started from a place because that place is where you would end, that place is home. No matter where you go always remember home because that is where your body shall rest in peace. Home is basic.

UGO EZE׃ Igwe, you shall excuse me, let me personally serve this beautiful doctor her meal which I prepared specially for her.

KACHI׃ Hmm, a doctor? Mama you are still funny.

(Exits Ugo Eze)

EZENNA׃ Kachi, how was schooling in Havard.

KACHI׃ Big brother, it was splendid. So many things have changed.

EZENNA׃ What else do you expect? Six years is not six days.

EZE OBIKA׃ Nnamdi, you talked about scholarship in the letter. Please can you brief me more?

NNAMDI׃ Oh, Igwe, I thought that some are willing but the will power isn’t there for them. Alas, they live unaccomplished. Umuagu has materials but their extent is limited by the means. Eh….. finance. I thought of awarding scholarship to 50 qualified daughters and sons of Umuagu for their higher institution.

EZE OBIKA׃ Good idea! Good one. Have you checked your wealth ability? Do you have surplus?

NNAMDI׃ Brother, I will be ok. I have enough

EZE OBIKA׃ All right then. It’s a good thing. Oliver whendol Holmes once said “most people go to their graves with music still in them” He did not bother to know why those people did not play their music before they go to their graves. He didn’t bother to know that some of those people are sent to their graves in the struggle to play their music.

NNAMDI׃ Igwe!! Still the same literary critic I know. You won’t change

EZE OBIKA׃ When you are presenting ideas to the public, analyze and cross check it, scrutinize properly if you want to avoid criticism. Do your work well.

(They both laugh)

I: V



There are pictures of Jesus Christ on the four sides of the church; the church hall is quite large. The pulpit is made of glass, there are some biblical quotes on a paper pasted on the walls of the church hall; one of these quote reads, “For god so love the world that he gave is only begotten son, that whoso ever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16 and a large wooden cross behind the alter. Congregations are seated on long bench

(Enter pastor and the congregations)

PASTOR׃ “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds saith the lord; because they call thee an outcast” jeremiah 30:17. If any man call you an outcast, just know that God is your friend. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23. Yet we cast stones on people that sin against us.

In John chapter 8: A woman was caught in an Adulterous act with a man. She was brought out to the public. The people picked big stones; they wanted to stone this woman to death. Then they called Jesus and told him about the sin of this woman. Jesus did not tell them not to stone the woman to death, Brethren do you know what Jesus told them?

Oh! Shout a big hallelujah for Jesus, he is great!

PASTOR: Jesus gave this people just a simple response: “He with out sin cast the first stone on her”. What an amazing answer. These men dropped their stones one after the other and left the scene and Jesus forgave this woman and told her to go and ………


PASTOR: Psalm 51: 5 says “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me”.  We are all born in sin, but yet our father is willing to forgive those that acknowledge their transgression and ask for forgiveness.  Exodus 20 vs. 5-6.Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.” This is the word of God. Mercy!  Why make the children pay for the sin of their fathers which they know not how it was committed. The Lord says that he shall show mercy! Brethren show mercy to those that know nothing for what they are being punished. Every man has something killing him, but you can save a soul by showing love. In case you don’t know, everyone is dying everyday. You can save someone one more day on earth.   May God show us mercy in Jesus name!


PASTOR: May we pray? [He prays]

May God almighty, the Lord God of Israel, God of Moses, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob live in us all now and forever more in Jesus name.


PASTOR: You may bring your tithe to alter [music plays as people give their tithes] Offering time!

CONGREGATION: Blessing time!

PASTOR: Bring your offerings as we praise the lord in thanks.

[Congregation dance to alter and offer thanks.]

May the blessings of God almighty the son and the Holy Spirit be amongst you all. May he open up the windows of blessings for you all in Jesus name!


PASTOR: [Notice] Next week service shall commence by 10am and one more thing  one of our illustrious son and a member of  the royal family Chief Namdi Udodi has decide to award scholarship to 50 qualified Umuagu indigines into the University.  This is in his bid to help the less priviledge people of this town.  If you are interested, come to the church on Wednesday with your SSCE result and also write your names and your choice of course, envelop them and submit it to Brother Chika Ilo. You will be contacted after that if you are qualified. Thanks. The Lord be with you!

CONGREGATION: And also with you.

PASTOR: Let’s we bow our heads for closing prayer.  The peace of God which passes all understand, the knowledge of God almighty, the son and the Holy spirit be amongst you and remain with you always.

CONGREGATION: Aa-men, Aa-men, AaAaAa – Aa-men.

PASTOR: You may go home in peace [Church dismisses]

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