Nervously, Angela wrapped in a Louis Vuitton bathrobe, stepped out of the bathroom. The distant drone of the TV filtered into her eardrums as she entered her bedroom. She nodded towards the man seated at the edge of the bed. Leaving wet footprints on the crème Oriental rug, she walked to the cosmetics table.

 “…have all hands on deck for the rebuilding of Nigeria. We must avoid the political paralysis…” a voice from the TV said

“What’s this?” the man asked, waving an envelope.

“It’s…uhm…the Independence Day Presidential Speech…Nigeria’s 42 today” she said, her voice coated in fear

“Don’t play dumb with me Angela. I ask again, what’s this?” he asked, flinging the envelope. Plastic smile intact, she walked guardedly to the envelope and picked it up.

“Uhm…actually…it was to be a surprise” she fingered the envelope.

“A surprise?” As if on cue, he walked to the closet and flung it open “Those are your boxes Angela. Packed. You plan to leave me because…?”

Tongue tied, she let the envelope slip from her hands. He walked towards her and stopped just inches away from her face and held her.

“I see hope in the vibrant spirit and richness of our cultures. And I see hope in the commonality of our humanity…” the voice from the TV droned on

“That envelope says that you’re three months pregnant” his hand dug into her flesh

“Baby…I…you…” she struggled to wrench herself free

“Tell me who’s responsible and I wont hurt you”

“That’s ridiculous…you are…”

She doubled over in pain from the force of his fist on her abdomen. A tear trickled down her cheek. He pulled her up and stared at her intently.

“Breaking news. I am sterile. I overestimated your intelligence Angela. Three years we’ve been married and you couldn’t find out this crucial fact. Now you must pay for your unfaithfulness.”

Angela let out a tiny gasp, shock spelt out on her face at the sight of the knife blade in his hands. With a mighty tug, she hauled herself out of his grasp and bolted out of the room. He stood up slowly and turned towards the TV.

“I have faith! Please have faith. Have hope. And show love. May God bless you all. And may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. The voice was greeted with a standing ovation. He made a bow, dashed out the room, past the hallway, down the steps then grinded to a halt. Sprawled out at the foot of the stairs, Angela laid drifting into unconsciousness.

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  1. I like the way the action on the tv is contrasted with that of the couple. Very nice. Well done.

  2. So much for independence hope!
    Thumbs up for this

  3. SCARY…GRIPPING…INTENSE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hot damn! This was good! loved it! you get my vote babe!

  5. Boy, was she caught indeed!

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