And the Winners are…

And the Winners are…

Finally, the Naija Stories Independence Day Contest is concluded. Like already stated, the stories in our shortlist were further  reviewed by the Naija Stories editors and graded with regards to Creativity, Use of Language, Relevance to the Independence Day theme and Polish/Grammar. The winners are as follows;

First Prize of $150 – Emmanuel Iduma with Electronic Freedom.

This was a brilliant story which evoked the relationship between the governing elite and governed citizens of Nigeria. The writer creatively expressed a desire for a change at 50, using the device of a mutating Facebook relationship. And even though the narrative spoke of an abusive relationship, it was amusing in the way the female protagonist chronicled its progression with terse updates, and ultimately uplifting to see the final update – ‘Free’.

Second Prize of $100 – Remi Roy with A Heart for the Game.

This story related a very personal story that was forever in the mind of the protagonist and tied it to the event of Independence Day. The best part is the way it showed how the passage of time had tempered his excitement and expectations, and how he realised how much older and much more aware of his physical limitations he had become – perhaps this is a metaphor contrasting the exuberance of independence day in 1960 with the realism of the situation today?

Third Prize of $50 – Dipo Adesida with Never Again

This is a well-written story, not least because of the rather unusual style of its telling – short sentences delivered verse-style, each with its own punchy point. I also liked the idea of the child who seems condemned to a struggle at the time of his birth, but who is determined not to let the struggle get the better of him. A great metaphor for Nigeria at 50.

Some other stories deserve honorable mentions and ten of them are listed below.

Trumpeter on independence day – Henry C. Onyema
Nigeria by 2050 – Joshua J. Omojuwa
The Parade – Sylva Nze Ifedigbo
My Independence Day – Anderson Paul
Lonely Hearts – Funmi F
I believe – Fabian Agakemeh
Breaking Free – Ifreke Inyang
Passing of a Memory – Fred Nwonwu

Congratulations everyone, and thanks for being a part of this contest. Winners should please contact for how to receive their prizes. For everyone, we hope you learned a few things and feel motivated to write and read more Naija Stories. It has been our pleasure hosting this contest and we look forward to other things we’re going to do together.

Naija is 50, let us tell our own stories.

Happy Independence Day!

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